10 Must Have Baby Essentials (My tried and true favorites)

Feb 19, 2020




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Even though this isn’t my first re-do with a newborn, it definitely feels like it is in many ways! Especially when it comes to baby products!  I can’t believe how many new products are out there, and being that it has been almost eights years (along with the fact that we didn’t keep anything), I’ve had my research cut out for me.  And while I have ordered a few things I haven’t loved, there have been many items that I have to wonder how I lived without for our first two. 
While there are definitely more than 10 baby items I’m loving this go round, these are my top 10 and ones that I know most new mamas will love as well.  I feel like I could write a separate post on products that have helped baby Reese with her reflux, fussiness, and gas so I would love to know if you guys would be in interested.  Let me know in the comments if you would, and I’ll be sure to share what has helped us so far.  I would also love to hear from any of you that have also dealt with reflux, and if you have any must have items or medications that worked. 

These are by far my favorite sleepers!  They are warm and cozy, the price is great, and I love the solid colors along with the patterns that they come in.  Plus, you can’t beat the price! 

This little bouncer has been my saving grace when I need to hop in the shower, cook dinner, or help Carson and Taylor with something.  Being that Reese has reflux, most of the time she’s crying if I’m not holding her, rocking her, or nursing her, but this little vibrating bouncer seems to help soothe her tummy and keep her happy when she’s not in my arms. 
I love this diaper pail so much more than the diaper genie.  For one, it looks, two it’s cheaper and so are the refills, and three…it doesn’t smell at all! 
I have used Dr. Brown bottles with all of my babies, and while Reese has only taken a pumped bottle a few times, these seem to be her favorite.  Plus, I know from experience in the past that they are hands down the best for reflux and gassy babies! 

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this travel system!  My favorite part is that the stroller can also be transformed into a bassinet, so it’s perfect for travel and for your infant to be able to lay flat and sleep.  It reminds me a lot of the Bugaboo, but for a fraction of the cost! 
Being that Reese is still in our bedroom, this diaper caddy has been perfect!  We use it to hold her diapers and wipes along other small things like her pacis and diaper rash cream.  Plus, I love the sweet white rope design and the fact that the liner is adjustable!  I also linked up our favorites above, as far as the diapers, pacis, etc. that we also love.

Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Camera with Sound and Movement Detecting

This past weekend, we started putting Reese in her crib for naps so we finally got the chance to try out her new baby monitor and we LOVE it!  The picture and sound are both super clear! 

This is what Reese sleeps in at night and some during the day!  Not only is it a really pretty moses basket, it’s a great size and I love that it’s so portable.  She is actually napping in it beside me in my office as I type this!  Also, this is the stand I have for it and it fits perfect! 

We had this exact tub in blue for Carson and we loved it!  So when I found it in pink online, I snagged it up and baby Reese has loved her baths in it. 
Even if you don’t have babies, I highly recommend this sound machine.  Todd and I both said that when Reese starts sleeping in her crib upstairs, we are ordering one of these for our room…ha!  It plays the most soothing sounds and has helped me fall back to sleep in between those every two-three hour feedings 🙂 

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  1. Oh girl, we were in the same boat with number three and had to start fresh with all new gear. We also had the reflux, bad. Our amazing pediatrician put our babe on Lansoperazole which was life changing! The Dock a Tot also helped a ton because it has a slight incline in it so she could some rest peacefully and comfortably. Hope everyone gets some relief soon!!!

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