10 Organizing Products That Get Used Daily

Aug 24, 2019




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Happy Saturday, friends!! 
One of the main requests I received from you guys when asking what you wanted to see more of was organization.  I must be in early nesting or something because I am itching to get things back in order…and almost every room, closet, and drawer needs to be re-organized!  
It’s been almost a year since my last organization haul, so it’s time to go back through and get rid of things the kids can’t fit into anymore or anything they don’t play with anymore.  The same goes for our closet, all the drawers, along with other spaces around here as well.  That being said, I thought it would be fun to take you guys along as I go through each room to show you all my tips, tricks, and favorite gadgets I use to get organized. 
I am planning on starting this series sometime next week, so today I wanted to share 10 of my ultimate favorite organizational gadgets that help make my life easier and help keep me organized on a day to day basis. 
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Though I don’t use these daily, I absolutely love them, and they’re perfect for storage. Plus they look great on your shelves and in your closet. 

This little beauty not only holds my blow dryer and all of my hair tools, it’s also really neat looking.  I keep mine under the counter, but it’s pretty enough that you can leave it sitting on your countertop without it being an eyesore if you don’t have under the counter space. 
This is a must have if you take more than one pill or vitamin a day.  On Sunday’s, I usually organize all of our vitamins for the week and this makes it so much easier to make sure that we don’t forget. And if you take medication that you have to take throughout the day, these little slide out containers are perfect to toss in your purse for travel. 

You can use this lazy susan for so many different things.  We use ours to hold all of our vitamin bottles, Todd’s pre-workout containers, and medications that are used often like Advil and Tylenol. 

Thanks to this baby, for the first time in my entire life I am now able to keep up with all of my sunglasses!!!  Plus, it helps that the case is really pretty so it looks great on our dresser in our bedroom. 
This is the perfect size basket for blankets and toys.  It’s really deep so it holds a lot and it looks really nice on display.  We keep ours next to the fireplace, and while it used to hold all of our blankets, it now holds all of the puppies toys! 
I know I’ve shared this organizer a few times on my stories, but it’s truly a lifesaver when it comes to keeping all of my make-up and brushes organized. 

These bins are perfect for keeping your fridge and freezer super organized.  They are also much easier to clean than trying to get in all those smaller corners and crevices in you fridge. 

Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider

Todd and I both use these and they making keeping socks, underwear, and bras so easy to organize. 

True confession…I just ordered this last week and I am already in love!!!  The kids water bottles used to drive me crazy and we could never seem to find them when we needed them.  I am so happy that we now have a designated place to keep them.  Also, from reading the reviews, these also work great as wine holders for your bar area or countertop. 
These are great if you have kids that love cereal!  Not only do they keep the cereal from getting stale and make it easy to see when you’re about to run out, but they also look so much better in your pantry than a pile of cereal boxes.

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