2017 Goals + Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale + Office Rug Details

Jan 3, 2017




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Good morning sweet friends, and happy 3rd day of 2017! 
I always get so excited about the start of a fresh new year. Last year was a good year in so many ways, but it was also very busy and stressful around here. So in 2017, I ‘m hoping for a slower pace with more time for soaking up the little moments with my family. 
And because I love hearing and reading about people’s goals and resolutions, I thought I would share what I have in mind for the new year. 
– Get back into the gym at least four times a week. It’s a fact, I feel so much better mentally and physically when I workout, so this has to happen! Now I just have to decide which gym to join since we are in a new location. I’m still planning on training with my trainer once a week, but since it’s now a good trek from our home I’ll have to find somewhere new for the other three days. 
– STAY ORGANIZED! There is no excuse now that we have purged a lot of our old stuff. And for the most part, I have the new home organized. We did end up deciding to use a cabinetmaker to do our master closet, the kids closets, our window seats, and the kids playroom build-ins. But…..he left right before we closed on our home for a month long trip! Ahh, so we’ve been living without closets for the last few weeks, which has not been fun, but I know it will be worth it. Our cabinetmaker returns back to Charleston this week and he will start on all of this in two weeks and have it all complete by the end of January! 
– Bring you guys some new and fresh content on this blog. It’s still hard for me to believe that I started this blog nine years ago, but I have loved every year of it. I don’t know what I would do without you guys and this space. This year, I’m hoping this to share weekly gluten free recipes, workouts, outfit post, and home decor. And if there is anything you guys would like to see or hear about, please let me know! 
– Take more family bike rides. Tomorrow will be Carson’s first time riding his bike to school, and I’m planning to ride my bike with  him for the first few weeks for drop off and pick up. And once Todd gets moved into his office over here he is planning on doing the same with Taylor. I’m sure we will alternate every now and then, but Taylor can be dropped a little earlier than Carson and this gets Todd to the office a little earlier 🙂 
– Bringing back our weekly date nights. Oh how I’ve missed this one on one time with Todd. Having two kids that never stop talking leaves little time for Todd and I to communicate with one another…ha! I’m so looking forward to connecting and enjoying some alone time again in the new year. 
– Volunteer more at Carson and Taylor’s schools. I’m so excited to help out a lot more now that I no longer have the long commute. I LOVE being able to pop into their classrooms to see them, and I also love being able to take some of the load off of their hard working teachers. 
And now let’s chat, because y’all, the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is starting this THURSDAY at 8am sharp and it will run until 1pm on January 6th. Make sure you check the blog in the morning, as I’ll be sharing all of my tips and sizing information. Oh yeah, and I’ll also be sharing the first of TWO giveaways that I’ll be doing for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!!! I’ve always tried to do one giveaway for you guys, but with the start of a new year I thought I’d switch it up. And let’s be real, two giveaways is always better than one 🙂 Also, if you haven’t set up an account yet, do it here now. It is the number one thing that makes checking out not so stressful! 
And last, several of you have been asking for details about the rug that’s in my new office. It’s the Elodie Rug from Lulu and Georgia, and it’s my favorite rug in our home! 
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