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Feb 4, 2022




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Here it is another Friday, and this is the first time I’ve actually sat down to at my desk to work!! We have officially entered the toddler stage where we have to watch every single move at all times, and she’s so darn fast too! But miss Reese is currently at her little MMO preschool, so I’ve got some time to share a few new organizing pieces that I am loving, and plan on ordering soon!! 
Do you guys wash your dishes before putting them in your dishwasher?? We always do, not to mention our dishwasher is currently broken, so I just ordered this little beauty to hold our sponges and dish soap! Any good dishwasher recommendations, please send them my way…I can’t find one that I like the look of that has decent reviews. 
I know I mentioned The Home Edit and their new line last week here in this post. But somehow I missed this 8 piece storage system, and I think it’s going to workout great in our kids game closet. 

These are almost identical to the ones we have in our pantry now, and I’ve been meaning to add a few more! I get asked about these all the time, and we love them! The seal really well and keep everything fresh! 

We need these asap for my car and Todds truck!! I forgot how messy and how much stuff you have to pack when traveling with a toddler 🙂 

These are very similar to the shoe boxes that I currently have in my closet, but these are WAY cheaper! I am thinking about ordering these for both of the girls closets to store all of their shoes in. 

My poor acrylic makeup case has seen better days, and I am in love with the look of this one. The marble on the side is so pretty, the price is awesome, and it has a perfect 5 star review!!! 

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