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Apr 16, 2015




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Oh girls in three days the magic craziness is happening!! On Sunday Lilly for Target will go live! I plan to wake up early and shop right from my computer, the crazy crowds overwhelm me 😉 If you plan to do the same go ahead now and set up your account. (That’s if you don’t already have one.) I have feeling it’s going to be insane!! I pretty much love every single thing I have seen thus far, but below are a few of my favorites!!! 

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  1. Unknown says:

    What time does it go live?

  2. KSSBelle says:

    I cannot wait!!! 🙂 Love your blog!


  3. Girl – too funny! I wrote a similar post today. They are blowing up my email and I'm just soooooo freakin excited! Just hope the system doesn't crash!

  4. Unknown says:

    Yay I'm so excited! I also created a tool so you can nail down your wish list and know your budget, check it out: http://www.attentiontodarling.com/2015/04/ultimate-lilly-for-target-guide.html

  5. OMG!!!! Tell me they ship internationally??

  6. lala says:

    They are supposed to go live between 1 and 3am. Stores open at 8am.

  7. Amanda Leigh says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Amanda Leigh says:

    How is Lilly sizing? I plan to shop from my computer as well, but unfortunately Ive never been able to purchase a Lilly outfit before! Not sure what size to order!


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