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Aug 30, 2013




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Happy Friday Loves!! Who’s ready for a long holiday weekend? I know me and my little family definitely are!  

ONE- Getting back our family pictures. I was in awe of how The Daniels captured our sweet little family. As I said before there are so many I want to share with you guys. I just don’t want to overload you with too many pictures at once. Ain’t nobody got time for that ha! But here are a few more of my favs!

TWO- All the crazy amazing Labor Day sales going on right now! I mean somebody stop me, there are so many great items on sale right now! You can’t pass up these prices for fall clothing. Here are my top two from the Tory BurchShopbop, and Nordstrom Sale! (Use code LABORDAY to save at Tory Burch)

 THREE- To Taylor finally being her smiley sassy self again! My poor babe was sick for 7 straight days. I’ve never seen either of my babies this sick,it was pure pitiful. But no worries queen bee is back to herself. Yesterday I woke up to her yelling at her babies in her crib.”No baby,it’s mine”. At that moment I knew she must be all better 😉

FOUR- Soaking up the last few days of summer with our sweet friends! As happy as I am about school starting back(and I am real happy) I will miss the carefree morning play dates with our besties! 

FIVE- This Ecard. With being a sahm and the summer coming to an end,this only seemed appropriate and hilarious! 

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  1. Ha! Love the family photos! I'm so ready for school to start back! Meet the teacher is this morning. Yay!!!

  2. Julia Ryan says:

    keep them coming!!! I can never get enough of your face with those gorgeous babes!

  3. Those pictures are beautiful!! And that ecard is hysterical!!!

  4. Unknown says:

    The photos are wonderful! The one of Carson laying a smooch on his sweet little sister melts my heart!

  5. Your photos are gorgeous! How did you get your kids to smile at the camera? Seriously though…!

  6. Catie says:

    Beautiful pictures!! We have a five month old little girl (our first!). Will you do a post on what your favorite lines are for Taylor and where you buy her clothes, especially all of the smocked dresses? She is ALWAYS dressed beyond adorable!!!

  7. These pictures are the sweetest! So happy Taylor is feeling better! Such a sweet smile!


  8. That e-card! Hilarious! I could read those all day long!

  9. Rychelly says:

    Your pictures are amazing!! Have a great weekend!

  10. Girl, seriously….. your family photos are AMAZING! Such treasures!!

    And so glad to hear that Taylor is feeling better. Jackson was sick a week or so ago and it's just no fun. Poor babe – glad she's all better!

    Happy weekend to you and your crew! 🙂

  11. Really, I am so impressed with how well your family photos turned out. LOVE the one of you and Taylor! You make me want to go buy that dress now too. 🙂 lol that ecard is funny. Have a great labor day weekend!

  12. So glad Taylor is feeling better!! Great pictures!! So many beautiful moments captured.

  13. Unknown says:

    Great family pics! And I love that e-card…awesome.

  14. I love the outfits y'all wore for the pictures. Its great how your outfits match, but not too much! 🙂

  15. Gorgeous photos and your family is beautiful! So glad your daughter is feeling better and love the quote – maybe I need to change my name to that 🙂 Over from the link and now following! Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

  16. you and your daughter are absolutely gorgeous, girlfriend. Love the family pictures 🙂

  17. Jordan says:

    Your family pictures are beautiful and your kids are precious! 🙂

  18. Unknown says:

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  19. First time by the blog and new follower! What a precious family you have!



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