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ONE // 
These two have been having so much fun together lately and it makes my heart so happy! With Carson being in the third grade and Taylor in kindergarten, I feared that they wouldn’t play together as much anymore but they actually play more together now than they ever have! 

And I’ve got to tell y’all the sweetest story about this little guy. At school they get stickers for having a good day, showing an act of kindness, etc and once they fill their sticker card they are allowed to choose one reward. And there are some pretty cool rewards, for example…no homework, a day in the wiggle chair, 20 minutes of game time, or a chance to read to a kindergarten class. As soon as Carson filled his first card he told me he was going to choose to go read to Taylor’s class. I’m not sure why, but when he told me that I literally teared up. I am so proud of both of them, and I hope they are always as close as they are right now. 
TWO // 
If you guys are on the hunt for a good pair of workout leggings, then you need to order these! As soon I saw that Lou and Grey had come out with workout line, I knew I wanted to test out their leggings. And let me tell you, they do not disappoint. They are high impact and very form fitting so don’t be alarmed when you are trying to get them and they feel really tight. They are supposed to fit this way, so go with your regular size. For reference, I’m wearing the xs. 

Yesterday, I was invited to attend the one year celebration of Trunk Club Charleston. If you guys have never heard of this, it’s a really cool concept. You can either choose to come to their clubhouse and shop (which is where the event was hosted yesterday) or you can choose to have a tailored trunk sent to you. If you are interested in reading more about it, you can check out their website here
I loved finally getting to meet Cristin in person! She is just as pretty, sweet, and funny as she is on Instagram and her blog 🙂 
What I wore
Blouse (on sale with an additional 40% off) // Black Skinny Jeans // 
FOUR // 
While I was downtown running a few errands on Wednesday I popped in Sephora and grabbed some of the new beauty products that I’ve been wanting to try.  
I loved all three of the things I picked up, especially the bye bye under eye concealer
Please excuse the awkward up close selfie, but I wanted to show you guys all three of these products on! And a few of you also asked what mascara I was using, and it’s this one by Mac.   

Also, here are the colors that are on my lips. 
FIVE // 
Last night, some girlfriends and I tried out the new Sorghum and Salt for dinner. You guys, everything was AMAZING!!!! I can’t wait to go back on our next date night so Todd can try it! 
The sweet potatoes were to die for y’all! Best I’ve ever tasted! 

This was one of their specials, spaghetti squash cake topped with braised short ribs. It was my favorite dish of them all…melt in your mouth good! 
And also, thanks so much to all of you who helped a girl out and voted for which dress I should wear last night! It was a really close tie, but in the end, the simple split neck blue dress won! I have my girls supper club next week, so I may just rock the green drop waist one then! 

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