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Happy Friday y’all, and cheers to the weekend! 
ONE // 
Taylor is such an independent child.  She can sit and entertain herself for hours.  After pre-school, I always get her a snack and some milk, and afterwards, she immediately runs upstairs to play with her ‘puppies’.  She has her Puppies in my Pocket, Chubby Puppies, and these Plush puppies, and she seriously plays with each of these every single day.  So, the other day while I was prepping dinner, she brought her puppies downstairs and as she was playing veterinarian.  For once, I actually had my big camera out, so I snapped a few pictures.  While looking through these the other day, I could not believe what a beautiful big girl she has become.

TWO // 
This week, Natalie and I decided to meet up and take our little men on a double date to see their first Cirque du Soleil show!  We saw Toruk- The First Flight, and y’all, the show was unbelievable. Carson was mesmerized the entire time, and I must admit, so was I.  Here are a few pictures I snapped during the show.  I could not believe how real everything looked!

It was such a fun, special night with my little guy. 
 We made a few more house decisions this week and I am getting so stinking excited!!  The thought of having to wait at least another 8 months is killing me, but I know in the end, it will be worth the wait!  I haven’t decided exactly where it may go, but I know I want to use a barn door in place of a regular door.  Right now, I’m thinking the laundry/mudroom, but at the same time, I also think it would be fun as my office door! Any thoughts or opinions on this?  If so, I would love to hear! 
FOUR // 
 I can already tell I am going to be sporting tons of the off the shoulder look just just like last year! The two dresses below are both super lightweight and super soft! 

Tunic Dress // Pumps // Earrings (only $12) 

FIVE // 
And last, I’ll leave you with this hysterical, but true e-card!!  

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  1. ecard=== MY PERFECT DAY too!

  2. Btw- love the dresses.

    And Cirque shows are my FAVE!

  3. KB says:

    We have barn doors in a couple of places and love them. That said, we considered putting them on the laundry room and our construction supervisor pointed out that they're not great for blocking out sound since they don't seal the way a normal door would, so they don't contain the sound of the washer and dryer as much as a traditional door.

  4. Unknown says:

    I LOVE the idea of a barn door, I think it could be really cute for an office. Then again, having it in the laundry room which will most likely always be a laundry room makes more sense to me as your office style or wishes for that room may change. Have a great weekend!!

    Erin, Attention To Darling

  5. We have a barn door and I LOVE IT!!! best decision ever …. functional and such an show-stealer!!!! Cant wait to see all that you do mama!

  6. Bamawhitney says:

    Our barn door is in our mudroom/kitchen office area and covers our walk-in pantry! Love it!


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