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Jan 15, 2016




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ONE // 
// I can’t believe my sweet baby boy will be SEVEN in less than 2 weeks!!!  Todd and I surprised him last weekend and told him we are going to take him and one of his best buddies to LEGOLAND!!  To say he is excited would be a huge understatement!  Over the last couple of months, Carson has become Lego obsessed, so I knew this would be the perfect time to take him.  Not going to lie, after doing some research, looking at all the fun things to do, and checking out the cool hotel, I am pretty excited myself! 
TWO // 
// I’ve never signed up for any of those box services before, but I’ve always been intrigued by them. You guys know I do all my shopping online and the fact that there’s nothing I love more than a box arriving at my doorstep, so when one of my readers contacted me about trying out Adornable, I proceeded to check out all their gorgeous jewels.  It didn’t take me long to decide I best give it a try.  I was blown away when my first box arrived, not only with the look and the quality, but also the prices! 
Here are the details on exactly how this works……
Here’s everything that arrived in my first box….. 
And here is the card that comes in your package, making it super easy for you to pick what you would like to keep and what you would like to send back! 
Even though I wanted to keep it all, I narrowed it down to my top five and went on to send the rest back.  Any guesses on what I decided to keep?!?
I know I shared this picture on Instagram Wednesday, but this cardigan is so nice and on major sale so I thought I would share it here as well.  It now has me thinking I may need to try out this one, which everyone and their mama has been wearing and raving about! 

FOUR // 
// Last weekend, I discovered my new favorite way to cook brussels sprouts!  I am talking melt in your mouth good.  This is the recipe I used, and the only thing I did different was that I used a little bit of balsamic glaze, along with the balsamic vinegar. 
FIVE // 
So true.

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