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Oct 24, 2014




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* We have our little neighborhood hayride/ Halloween party this Saturday evening. I love Halloween in our hood, the kids are so darn cute dressed up, and it’s so fun to look back at all the pictures. Time sure does fly. Carson has informed me he will be staying at the party and skipping the hayride. He’s not a big fan of the ‘spooky people’ that scare them during the ride. It’s just the dads dressed up, but he still doesn’t like it. Taylor on the other hand loves it! One fearless child and the other scared of his own shadow 🙂 
* Todd and I saw a movie for our date night this past week. Movies nights are quickly becoming a favorite for me. I love dressing down, eating buttered popcorn, and being able to just lose yourself for a few hours!  Sadly we saw Addicted, and you guys, it was horrible. I mean, like really bad. The only good thing about it was all the actors and actresses were easy on the eyes, other than that, save your money and see something else!! 
* We have a wedding to go to tonight and it’s going to be a fun one!! I love a good wedding and I really love a good reception 😉 I am still debating on which dress to wear. I ordered this one last week and it should be in today!! The wedding is at 5 so I am thinking it will be dressy enough! 
* I love soup during the winter, but it has to be a good hearty one. This white chicken chili looks amazing!! I plan on making it this weekend and I will report back. 
Last, I am so excited that they came out with a new color in my favorite workout pants! I love the navy and I still think it will pair with most of my tops! It’s fun to switch it up from the usual black 🙂 

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  1. That white chicken chili is really speaking to me right now! I may just need to make that this weekend… And I think I need to try those workout pants that you rave about. They're pretty cute & not a bad price. Happy Friday!

  2. Unknown says:

    Can you repost the white chicken chili link….it's not working….and I definitely need to make this soup, looks delicious!

  3. Unknown says:

    ooo, that white chicken chili looks amazing! Enjoy a restful weekend, Caycee 🙂

  4. Jillian says:

    yummm that chili looks so good! xo jillian – cornflake dreams


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