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Oct 3, 2014




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I am so happy it’s Friday!!! My parents are coming to town for the night and I am so excited to spend some time with them!!
ONE //
My dad and Todd are planning on knocking the screened in section of our deck down. I have a feeling it’s going to open it up and giver us more space. Todd also wants to put a TV with surround sound out there. I think he’s getting jealous of the kitchen update and wants to make himself a little man spot 🙂 Ha! Little does he know I’ll probably be out there more than him watching TV. My brother has one on his patio and I just love it. 
TWO // 
This recipe looks easy and amazing!! I can honestly say that Thai food is my favorite food with Mexican coming in a close second 🙂 
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FOUR // 
You guys, this gold pendant I blogged about Wednesday for our breakfast nook sold out 🙁 So I am going to be patient and wait for it to come back. Of course this had me searching for more lights and now I want this one for our dining room!! It is on sale for a pretty decent price, but I am scared it’s a little too much bling for me. I don’t know though, a little more bling could be fun 🙂 
Here’s our dining room now….would love to hear your thoughts? 
FIVE // 
I know I told you guys Halloween is one of Carson’s favorite ‘holidays’, but I actually really LOVE it too! How cute is this Halloween bucket list! So many fun things to do and so many awesome memories to make while doing them! I can’t wait to check all of these off!!!
Happy weekend everyone!!!!

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  1. Love the halloween bucket list!! I like the first light personally I say wait for it. Todds man space will be awesome we can send the guys out there and enjoy your kitchen!!

  2. Girl, you and I could both live on Thai food. My man says I'm part Asian because I could eat Asian every day. He even calls me Rindsay Ree (bc my name is Lindsay Lee). 🙂 And I'm pinning that Halloween bucket list. As for your dining room light, wait for what you want. Don't impulse buy! My designer brain wants more pics of your dining room.

  3. Heyyyyyyy friend!!! So glad you linked up with us today …. I've been checking in and keeping up with all of your house updates…. love it all! As for the chandelier / shade pendant, my vote is for the shade pendant, but I'm fairly predictable and boring! Ha!! I bet you could pull off the one with more bling too!

    And what a great Halloween bucket list – need to save this for J. We are allllllll about Halloween and pumpkins over here right now! Happy day ahead! XO.

  4. Obsessed with your outdoor space, girlie!!! It's divine! xx

  5. Christina says:

    love that chandelier!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    That porch is amazing! I love it and would spend all my time out there during this time of year! Have a great weekend!


  7. Love that TV on the porch idea. I have been working on sprucing up our patio as well…I think it should be an extension of the home and a space to enjoy! Your kitchen is looking amazing, by the way!

  8. JMO says:

    ohh girl I adore the PB one actually!! So elegant and classic! Can't wait to see more of the patio progress- hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend!! xoxo

  9. Julia Ryan says:

    so fun, all of it!




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