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* We had such a wonderful New Years Day. We spent it with some of our favorite friends who really feel more like family. All the crazy people did the Polar Bear plunge. Taylor slept at the beach house while Carson, Todd, and I watched. It was cold, windy, and rainy there was no way in hell I would have jumped in that water. We popped more champagne and ate the most amazing food ever! It was a good start to 2014!

* I am so excited for the weekend! Todd and I have plans to go on a date tonight. Then after meet some of our friends out for a drink. I can’t decide if we should go to dinner or a movie? Leaning towards dinner because movies always seem to make me sleepy afterwards. But if we do decide to do the movies I really want to see American Hustle. Anyone seen this yet? Was it good?
* As much as I adore my children I am over the moon happy that school/mothers morning out starts back on Monday! I just function so much better on a schedule, and with a little break in the day. Plus, I think my kids are happier with friends, structure, and a break from me as well. I mean Taylor has taught herself how to take selfies over the break…. well maybe she’s just mimicking what she sees ha!

* I am having the hardest time deciding on a good planner this year. The two that I really want here and here are sold out and won’t ship until mid February. I am ready to start writing, planning, and organizing now. So I need to find something else. Any suggestions? Julia  suggested a really cute line from Target that I may go check out.
* I have been on the hunt for the perfect poncho for a while now, but just haven’t wanted to spend an arm and a leg on one. How perfect is this one for $58.00! It comes in two fabulous colors too.

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  1. Jodi says:

    How cute is that pic of Taylor taking a selfie…and those gold boots!!

  2. Your kids are too cute! That picture of Taylor taking a selfie kills me- I could eat her up. Love her hair up in a top knot, too!

  3. We're going to see American Hustle tonight! Hope it's good! Target planners always work just fine for me! 😉

  4. Dina says:

    Oh that house looks amazing in the background of your photos-a tour? I am loving my Sugar planner from Target, a change in planners for me this year, it's big and fits all my type A to-do lists! Have you seen Saving Mr. Banks yet? If you're a Mary Poppins fan, it's adorable, even the hubs enjoyed it and he's not even American and had never seen Mary Poppins, which I didn't even realize til the movie started! Happy Weekend!

  5. Pris says:

    I thought American Hustle was okay.. a little over-hyped but I know a lot of people love it. I ordered a day designer just yesterday, I'm bummed mine won't ship until late January but I'm really looking forward to the format! I hope you find a planner that works!

  6. We saw American Hustle last weekend and really liked it! At one point it was a little slow, but definitely picked up and made for a fun movie. Taylor is so cute with that selfie!!

  7. BLovedBoston says:

    What a great way to start the New Year with friends and family!! American Hustle was really good…had it's funny moments and the dresses that Amy Adams wears is seriously perfect!!

  8. Unknown says:

    American Hustle is a bit longer than I thought it should be but Amy Adams' wardrobe makes up for it. Every outfit is perfection! and the music keeps the story going. I would recommend you watch it!

  9. The selfie picture is AWESOME! Happy New Year!

  10. The picture of Tay taking a selfie is the sweetest thing ever! They are both adorable.

  11. I just got the same Sugar Paper for Target one Julia got and I'm really liking it. It seems pretty similar to the Simplified Planner. It has a month layout on two pages and then has a week breakdown with a page for notes.

  12. Julia Ryan says:

    I'm REALLY happy with my $10 Sugar Paper planner from Target! FREAKING LOVE that selfie of Tay's. Wild girl is my favorite 🙂

  13. Lucy says:

    Erin Condren makes the BEST planners! I love mine!!

  14. kate says:

    Taylor and the selfie!!! Dying:)

  15. Jennifer says:

    We saw American Hustle and loved it! Highly recommend. Also, I've found an amazing planner called the Amy Knapp's Family Organizer. This is my second year using it. It's not as stylish as the Sugar Paper one, but really useful. Each week it has a detachable grocery list and menu planning. Plus, it has a weekly To Do list, which I love. By the way, Taylor is adorable!

  16. Amy says:

    I'm obsessed with my planner from
    and I'm obsessed with Taylor's selfie.Adorable.

  17. Jonnel G. says:

    I love that polka dot vest, where is it from? Taylor's little bun is seriously adorable!

  18. Unknown says:

    I'm dying over the picture of her taking a "selfie"….so hilarious!


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