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Sep 6, 2018




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Anytime there’s a holiday that falls on a Monday it totally throws me off track for the rest of the week. And I’m not sure why, but today feels like Friday to me…or maybe I’m just wishing it was..ha! 
So here’s my 5 on Thursday instead of my usual 5 on Friday 🙂 
ONE // 
I made this meat sauce spaghetti last night for dinner. The only thing different was that I added red bell pepper and mushrooms. Plus, in an attempt to make my plate a little healthier, I decided to serve my pasta over these Trader Joe’s frozen zoodles. 
I’ve got to be honest, I was not impressed at all. I cooked them exactly how it said on the package and they turned out really mushy and soggy. So, from now on if I want zoodles, I will just spiralize fresh ones! And you can find the spiralizer I use here. And for those of you that asked via dm messages yesterday, here’s my oriental kitchen runner and my cast iron dutch oven that I cook all my soups in. 
TWO // 
I don’t know about you guys, but I am ready for some fall weather! Bring on the chunky sweaters, booties, and pumpkin candles (click here for my favorite one)!! 
This was one of my favorite looks from last year, and while this exact sweater is sold out, I was able to find a few similar looks for less.
Similar sweater here and here and both under $30 // Jeans 
Booties // Similar Crossbody 
And speaking of looks for less, make sure you check back tomorrow morning because I’m going to have a huge look for less post with a lot of the new fall trends and staples! 

Are you guys as excited as I am about the Lilly Pulitzer After Party sale that is coming up on Monday!? I shared all the details along with a lot of sneak peeks that will definitely be part of the sale in my post here. Here’s another peek…this Pearl Shift Dress will also be part of the sale and it will be marked down from $200 to $74! And for sizing reference, I found this dress to run a little small and I’m wearing a size 2. 
FOUR // 
Have you guys ever heard of Shipt? One of my good neighbor friends has been raving about it for months now. She told me how much easier it made her life, and how she actually spends less money on groceries than she ever did before, but every time I would think about signing up I would tell myself, “Caycee, you don’t need your groceries delivered…you have time and people will just think you’re lazy.” But when I really thought about it, I was like…I don’t really give a shit if people think I’m lazy and I freaking HATE grocery shopping. So, early last week I signed up, and I can promise y’all, I will never look back! 
I have listed the reasons I love grocery shopping this way instead of in the actual store below. And just in case any of you guys are wondering, no this is not sponsored in any way shape or form, but if you sign up through my refer a friend link here you will get $50 off your membership and I will get a $50 credit after you’ve used their service for 30 days and decide to keep it. That being said, your membership fee will be $49 a year instead of $99. 
1) I hate grocery shopping! I know some people love it, but for me, I hate every aspect of it. The searching for stuff, the lines, the loading, and the unloading. With this service, all I have to do is put the groceries up when they are delivered. 
2). Both of my favorite grocery stores deliver to my address and all I have to spend is $35 to get free shipping. Whole Foods can sometimes be a 20 minute drive in traffic from my house, so being able to shop there without the drive is amazing to me!
3). This makes meal planning and shopping recipes so much easier in my opinion. I can look up all the recipes on my phone and then add all the ingredients to my cart at my computer. I get most of my recipes from the Pinterest App, so being able to look at all the ingredients and type them in Shipt instead of searching in the store is much easier. 
4). My grocery bill for the past two weeks has be much lower. When I’m shopping in an actual store, I always end up buying a lot of extra things that weren’t on my list, and usually they are things that aren’t healthy and/or things we didn’t need.  
Okay, sorry that was so long y’all…just thought I would share this in case any of you are too busy or just loathe going to the grocery store like myself 🙂 

FIVE // 

And last, because it’s been a while and these cards always bring me a really good laugh…

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