A Beautiful weekend!

Mar 29, 2010




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Wow! this weekend was awesome! Todd and I have been on the go so much we forgot what it was like to spend a weekend at home just hanging out! Friday night we had a date night and had dinner at the Mustard Seed, it was so yummy 🙂 If you are ever in Charleston you have to go there. Saturday I slept in until 10:00 I know Holy Batman that is really late, but it was so nice! I love my husband 🙂 So when I finally rolled out of the bed, we played outside, cooked pizza, and watched TV while Carson napped. When he got up we headed to our neighbors house for some cocktails, apps, and corn hole! It was so funny because we all brought our kids and the 4 boys that were there were all born within weeks from each other I cant wait to see what trouble they will get into when they get bigger! Thanks Ann and Jason for having us over! Sunday was just as relaxing, we stayed in our PJ’s until @ 12:00 and played outside some more! Carson is a big fan of outside these days 🙂 Its going to be a fun summer 🙂

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