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Nov 25, 2014




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My birthday is right around the corner, and being that it’s in December and pretty close to Christmas, it usually gets a little brushed under the rug. Hey, I get it, I feel crazy around this time of year too. I know you December babies feel me, right? Haha.
Since this is a pretty big one for me, I am thinking Todd may want to make it extra special (no pressure Todd). But really, I know my man always appreciates a list, and let me be honest, I really appreciate when he buys from the list 😉 Surprises just aren’t my thing. 

I own two pair of Tory Burch studs and 90% of the time they are the earrings I go with. I love the look of these and I know they pretty much go with everything in my closet. 
I am still a HUGE fan of my L’Occitane moisturizer, but a few weeks ago I received a sample of this cream. Oh my stars, I love it! It made my face feel like silk. My plan is that if I receive this one I’ll wear it during the day and then wear my L’Occitane at night. I know it’s a little on the expensive side, but trust me (and the reviews), it’s worth it! 
As soon as I spotted this vest I knew I wanted it, but then I saw that it came in cream and gray. Now I really can’t decide which color I love more! I would love to hear which color is your favorite??
These babies finally went on sale!!!!!! I have had my eye on these since they first came out, and I would be so very happy to have them in my closet!! Speaking of sale Nordstrom just reduced a boat load of new fall items 40% off!!! You can shop the entire sale HERE

True confession – I ordered these for myself yesterday. These pajamas are so soft and feel so amazing! I tried them on in the store the other day, but they were too long so the lady that was helping me told me I could order the shorter version online! Whoop whoop, wasn’t that a win win because I also received a free pair of slippers with my purchase. I can’t say who, but I will say I know a few more ladies in my life that will be receiving these for Christmas as well 🙂 Don’t forget, use the code SLIPPERS to get your free pair with the purchase of your pajamas!! 
This is my favorite lip gloss ever!! I love that these are small and you can toss them in your clutch or pocket on your night out. Plus, $26.00 for six tubes of lipgloss is a total steal!!! 

I have been on the fence about getting one of these for a while now, but a friend of mine at the gym convinced me I definitely need one!! No really, I am sold on it! This thing not only tracks your steps, your calories burned, but it now tracks your sleep and your quality of sleep. You can also enter the food you eat throughout the day into the app so you can keep track of your meals and calories.
PS….. I know a few of you asked about my outfit yesterday from Instagram, so here are the details on that. 

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  1. Love the fur vest and the pjs – double celebration time for you x

  2. Unknown says:

    I love those earrings! I agree with the faux fur vest, it's awesome!

  3. Meredith says:

    Great list! My birthday is this coming weekend (and it's a biggie, too, the big 3-0!) and it does sometimes feel like it's jammed between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but one thing is for sure – everyone is in the mood to be festive and celebrate! Happy early birthday! 🙂

  4. JMO says:

    This list is perfection!! xoxo (no pressure at all hubby! haha)


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