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Aug 4, 2009




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OK the question I have is am I a little ocd or borderline crazy???? Let me just fill you in on a little secret about me……. I love everything in my house to be organized and very clean and I am probably the most scheduled person you will ever meet! I was never like this growing up and even through college (the small time I went ha). But after my husband and I got married it all changed. I was crazy about everything, and then after baby WOW watch out a lot worse! I just feel so much better when everything is neat and clean and on schedule. I am just worried I am a little bit overboard. I am going to give you a weeks worth of my schedule and you tell me?? Really I want your advice?

Monday- Carson and I get up @ 6 and do his morning routine, then he takes his morning nap. While he is napping I take my shower and get ready. If he still sleeping I do some laundry. Then by 9:45 I am out the door on my way to work. ( Have I mentioned I love my job and wish I could work more that 1 day a week) But that’s ok I know daddy pays the bills. Then as soon as I get off I do our weekly grocery shopping. ( 9times out of 10 I have dinners and lunches planned for the week). When I get home I put all the groceries up in there exact place. Then if my little mokeys up, I play with him. Around 5 Todd and I start making dinner. I say Todd and I because we usually grill 4 nights out of the week, and he does the grilling. Depending on Carson we may eat after its done or I may feed him first. after dinner Todd gives Carson his bath, I feed him baby food for his last meal and then Carson and daddy read books, say prayers and its off to night night land.

Tuesday- Morning routine is the same as Monday, then we have to get ready and leave the house around 10:30 for Gymboree at 11:00. It is so hard sometimes and I feel so guilty when we don’t make it. after Gymboree Carson is wiped out and naps the whole way home. yay for that because he usually cries the whole way there.(he hates the car)! We get home he usually takes the rest of his nap and I finish all the laundry, sweep and vacuum. Tuesday nights we have small group, so we go to that and usually get home @ 8:30 and put Carson strait down for the night. We just do his bedtime routine before we go to small group.

Ok I have decided that I am not going to type out the rest of the week unless you guys are really interested, because I don’t want to overwhelm you. But basically that is how the rest of the days of the weeks look, They are really planned out ha! O yeah and I do go to the gym Wed, Thurs, and every other Friday. We just started a play group that meets every other Friday in Mt Pleasant, I will let y’all know how that goes.

The problem with this is that If something goes off my Mon-Fri schedule I don’t handle it very well, and I need help on how to handle that?? I am already on Zoloft for my anxiety and postpartum, so drugs not really an option already on those ha ha!

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  1. KatiePerk says:

    Caycee I don't think that is crazy OCD! I think that is considered survival OCD. You need a routine to get everything done that a little one brings! When your routine is changed unexpectedly you get frazzled. I am that way too.

  2. Emily says:

    WOW! I am completely at "ah!" with your schedule. I don't have any activities or a job or places to go during the week. I would LOVE to have a organized house and schedule. I don't think your crazy at all.

    Hey, if you would like to do a post with tips on how you stay organized and what you do I would love to read it.


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