Amazon Prime Day Baby!!!

Jul 12, 2016




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First off, if you are not an Amazon Prime member then we can’t be friends anymore!!  Haha, I am totally kidding, but it is truly one of the best things ever.  I order so many things off Amazon Prime, from hair products to laundry detergent.  I love that they always offer the best deals and super fast two day free shipping!!  But today is extra exciting for all of us Prime members because today, and today only, we get to save BIG on TONS of items!
**Very Very important – make sure that you keep checking back every three hours or so as new deals will be added!!  And also make sure to look at the time that is left when you click on something, lots of items only give you a few hours to purchase before the deal is gone!! 
Everything in woman’s fashion is an additional 30% of the price you see, and the discount will be applied at checkout! 

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