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PRIME DAY is here friends, and there are some REALLY GOOD DEALS!!! I’ve rounded up my current favorites , but will be adding to this list throughout the day as more items are added to the sale, so make sure you keep checking back in for the latest and lightening deals!! And I’ll also probably every 30 minutes or so will be updating my store front, so make sure to keeping checking that out as well! 

Prime Day Deals 

Super Soft 1800 Thread Count Sheets 

These sheets have killer reviews, and are on sale for 50% for prime day! I just ordered a set for our bedroom and Carson’s. 

This tee is so cute and currently on lightning deal for $8!!! I just ordered mine and it will arrive same day for free!! 

Y’all this light fixture is stunning, and the prime day price is so darn good!!! And I am equally obsessed with these gold sconces that also on prime day! 

X-Box Series S with Wired Gaming Headset  

This is the x-box Carson has and I love how small the new design is! And you can tell by the perfect 5 star review that there’s many other reasons to love it too. Best part is you save $75 off with prime day! 

This watch set is gorgeous and you can’t beat the price with 35% off! 

Amazon Fire TV 50 inch 

We have this brand of tv in our bedroom and living room and I can’t sing it’s praises enough!! And you will not fond a better deal that $259 for a 50 inch smart tv! 

If you don’t already have this dress, then get it right now, seriously! It’s by far been my most worn maxi this summer! 
This dress is another staple everyone needs in their closet, it’s by the same brand as the dress above, and their quality is amazing! 

The deal on these echo dots are insane right now at 69% off!! I just grabbed two more so now everyone in our home has their own. No more fighting over music or chatting with Alexa 🙂 
Is this not the cutest set ever!! And this brand is so great for basics and pretty much everything is at least 30% off!! 

I have been wanting one of these forever, and I really think with this prime day deal I have to finally pull the plug!! A few of my friends have these, and it’s truly like sonic ice in your home all the time! 

I own this sandal in three different colors, it’s truly that good! It run tts, so go with you regular sizing, I take my normal 6.5. And I also have this sandal by the same brand in two colors, it’s another winner! 

We are a Croc loving family around here, and as you guys know these rarely go on sale, so I am stocking up with the regular and the fur lined for winter! 

This roomba is like the holy grail of all the irobots and it’s currently 50% off!! And if you looking to spend a little less but still get a great iRobot Roomba, the regular one is right here, and it’s 43% off! 

This brand makes the cutest affordable clothes, and right now their prime day prices are unreal!! 

I’ve been waiting for this one to go on sale, and it’s $50 off for prime day! I’ve heard it’s the best one yet, and my old cheapo electric brush definitely needs replacing! 

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