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Apr 8, 2015




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I feel like I’ve been on a major project kick around our house lately, especially with our deck and the yard!!  It feels so good to look outside and see these things completed and looking good!  Now, if only you could see our garage (insert lady with hands over her eyes)!  I swear, someone could be living in there and I wouldn’t know it πŸ™‚  Haha!!  That project is coming in May!! 
Todd (and Taylor) finished our herb garden yesterday!  It looks so good and I can’t wait to use it! Taylor’s playhouse will be right behind this garden, so my hope is that she’ll water the garden for me:) 

 We ran out of mulch at the very end, so I’ll be picking up a few more bags today!
I finally picked out some new deck furniture and it will be here Thursday!!!  I am going to make y’all wait to see it, because it looks so much better in person than it does online!!  In the meantime, this gorgeous plant will have to tie you over!!  Hello orchid heaven!  Can you guys believe I picked this up at Home Depot for $55.00!!! Plus, the lady at the checkout sweetly reminded me if it dies within the first year I get to bring it back!  Maybe I look like I have a black thumb πŸ˜‰ 
Speaking of orchids, I also picked this one up yesterday! 

I found these as well! Oh man, I fear that I am becoming a crazy flower lady! 
Kimberly Keller, the owner of Craft and Honey, designed the most AMAZING invitations for Taylor’s birthday!  All I sent her was a picture of her cake, and from that, she created this perfect invitation!  I may have squealed with excitement a little when I opened my inbox!  If you are looking for anything party related you should definitely check her out!! 
Also, don’t forget the Shopbop sale is still going on!!  If you missed it, I rounded up some of my favorites by category yesterday evening! 
These adorable PJs  come to $28.50 on sale!!! And remember they will not be this short unless you are 5’10 πŸ˜‰ 
I totally forgot about the workout and gear.  I am slightly obsessed with these rollover cropped pants!  I am pretty pumped that the Adidas by Stella McCartney is included, I’ve heard these leggings are amazing!  PS – Don’t forget to grab your Spanx, as those are never marked down πŸ™‚ 
And all the home/gift section is included in the sale too!! 
Love this zebra dish !!

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  1. Christina says:

    oooh i love that table! so fresh and so clean clean. πŸ˜‰

  2. What a cute herb garden! We're planning to build a planter box this weekend!

  3. I love this idea! We have a very long flower bed that runs the length of our house in the backyard, and I've been trying to figure out what to do with it. What did you plant and does yours get full sun? This may just be my weekend project! Thank you!

  4. caycee says:

    Hey Keisha!! You should def. do one!! Yes it does get full sun!! This year with just did dill, Basil, oregano, mint, and parsley! Oh yeah and banana peppers 😘

  5. caycee says:

    So fun!! Can't wait to see it!!

  6. I've always wanted my own herb garden – how exciting! Loving those cute invites x

  7. Jillian says:

    i LOVE taylors dress…so cute!! πŸ™‚ xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  8. Florence says:

    Would you mind sharing where you purchased the outdoor rug on your deck? It looks great & I am in the market for a new one..ha!


  9. I love all the flowers in your house, especially the pink! You should think about a large wall gallery to replace those shelves in the room across from your kitchen. I think it would look really good!! There are so many ideas on Pinterest. I love the Peppa Pig invites. What a cute party idea!

  10. Unknown says:

    Can you start doing home tours of your house?! It looks soooo gorgeous:)

  11. I can't wait to see the patio furniture that you picked, I know it will be beautiful! Xo, Stephanie

  12. designchic says:

    Your home looks like spring – love all the flowers and an herb garden….amazing!!

  13. So fun! Definitely doing it this weekend!

  14. So fun! Definitely doing it this weekend!

  15. Julie says:

    Love the Peppa invitation! Kim and I were in the same sorority in college. She is a doll!

  16. Julie says:

    Oh an quick warning – mint grows like a weed – literally – with really invasive roots! it's usually best to plant it separate from other herbs so it doesn't over take them. You may want to keep a close eye on it!

  17. Lindsey says:

    I love these posts with your family and home! So cute!


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