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Aug 12, 2014




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First off you do not want to miss the pop up shop today at Furbish Studio!! The amazing Kate Long Stevenson is the artist of the day !!! I adore all of pieces and I actually have one in the entryway of our home. I would love to add at least one more in my home, maybe a bigger one this time 🙂 
Sale starts at 11am EST time today!
I had a kick butt workout yesterday so I thought I would share. I was sweating like I haven’t sweated in a LONG time, and it felt so good! I love it when I have workouts like this, they leave me feeling on top of the world, and they make it that much easier for me to make healthy eating choices during the day!

3 rounds

* 30 Squat presses with 8lb dumbbells in each hand
* 30 Push-ups 
* 1/4 mile sprints 
* Overhead tricep extension with 20lb dumbbell 
After the weights I walked on the treadmill with the incline at 6 and at 3.8 speed for 20 minutes.
Update, I survived my three day juice cleanse with Juicebox Charleston . I had the cutest girl drop my juices off to me last week early Wednesday morning.  She was the sweetest.  She walked me through everything and even told me to call if I was struggling to give her a call. 
A few things:
*Juicebox Charleston was the freshest juice I have ever tasted. I loved almost all of them except the beet juice and that’s only because I am not a fan of beets. It kinda tasted like dirt to me, but the others totally exceeded my expectations;)
* The fruit flush I did last month was a cake walk compared to this. Surviving on juice for three days ain’t no joke. 
* I was given a sheet of things I could cheat on if I had to and of course I did have to cheat a little. I only cheated the second and third day with celery and carrots. I just needed to crunch something. 
* Todd says I am not allowed to cleanse again……… but I hate to tell him it’s probably going to happen. No really, on the first day I was a “hangry” hot mess! But the next two days I swear I wasn’t that grumpy at all. 
* I ended up losing 3 lbs, but I didn’t have as much to lose this time so I knew that would probably be the case.
* Now the most important part for me. Since the cleanse, I am craving healthy food verses fast food. This was the main reason I wanted to do this cleanse, to reset my body and my cravings. It really does work. 
If you are local and considering a cleanse I would most definitely give Juicebox Charleston a call. 
* A special thank you to Juicebox Charleston for providing me with the juices. 
And since we are talking about working out….how adorable is this tank!?! I love the back! 
*** And don’t forget the Tory Burch  sale is till going on. This bag is so gorgeous!!

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