Baby Coleman is here!!!!!

Aug 29, 2010




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We could not be more excited that sweet baby Jack is here! He is so precious and so tiny! You really do forget how small a new born is until you hold one! Jack will join a group of new baby boys in our neighborhood. Sweet Hudson was born 8/23/10, and Little Connor will be making his entrance on Monday, and last but not least Ashley will be having another boy due in December! I can not express to you how fun it is to have great neighbors with babies so close in age. Carson has a group of sweet boys and a few girls that live right across the street. Carson and his three buddies Mason, Reeves, and Harper were all born within weeks of each other, and it is so funny to watch these boys interact together! Just the other day we walked outside and they were all on the sidewalk down the street and all of the boys started yelling each others names and Carson went running as fast as he could to get to his friends 🙂 Just melt my heart! poor little Madison, Logan, and Mackenna they are going to have to beat these boys off with a stick 🙂

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