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Aug 1, 2009




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On Friday morning Little man had date. My friend Candice had a job interview so his girlfriend Addison came to see him, and as you can tell from the pictures he was loving it! I have decided that we really need a little girl next. Addison is the sweetest thing ever! I just loved spending time with her and was already planning shopping trips for the two of us ha! (doesnt he look like he enjoyed that cookie from earlier.

On Wednesday we got a new highchair, and let me just tell you I love it! I feel like Carson sat in it most of the day and ate! ha! Just like his mom loves to eat:)

Ok I am have got to do some major catching up. Iam just going to briefly tell you about each day of our week last week………… Tuesday night we had a baby shower for a sweet couple in our small group. They are having their second and its a BOY!!! We are so happy for them. It was a couples shower but daddy and Carson stayed home, because Carson was very tired!

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