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Oct 11, 2011




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So I consider myself a true Southerner especially when it come to dressing my boy. Regardless of what people say about boys clothes, the last two years have been pretty easy. I was able to find plenty of smocked Jon Jons, monogrammed bubbles, and precious rompers. But now that he is two and a half it’s getting really hard! I was able to find him these two cute outfits last week, but other than that we are in desperate need of some “southern” big boy clothes 🙂

I also absolutely adore these pieces from Bella Bliss, but I think the prices are a little too high?
What do you guys think, can I find something just as cute for a little cheaper??

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  1. We get a LOT of our boy clothes via Janie and Jack. I usually have a coupon or wait for a sale though!

  2. All the mom to mom sales are good to find things. Especially Charleston repeats. The boys have a lot of appliqued pants from Rags land this year, dogs, alligators, crabs etc.

  3. Mini Boden is cute also.. Kelly's Kids Fall is adorable for boys! He would look cute in anything!!

  4. Melissa W. says:

    I am in the same boat except I have TWO to buy southern clothes for now! I will have to check back and see what u find out. Xo

  5. Dina says:

    Try Janie and Jack and Mini Boden

  6. Love the shrimp and grits outfits. I also really love that frog sweater, I might splurge and order it for Sterling it is so cute!

  7. I just got the Shrimp&Grits outfit with the dog. Love those reversible pants. At $29, I thought they were the best buy around! I like Mini Boden, too, but sometimes it gets a little TOO big boy. I just put my 2 1/2 year old boy in jeans for the first time. It was cuter than expected.

  8. What about Little English? Like them on fb and they always have sales going on. I think sweaters and cardigans are 30% right now.

  9. laura says:

    i just got that dog outfit too! i've been getting a bunch of stuff for ben at janie and jack. between their longalls and the sweaters and khakis combos, i've been having way too much fun! i second the comment on kelly's kids fall line. ragsland and patsy aiken also have good not-so-babyish, not-so-big-boy-looking clothes.

  10. Anonymous says:
    Here are a few We like! We have a 6 year old & it is hard to shop for boys!


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