Budget Friendly Designer Decor + I finally found Taylor’s Chandelier

Jun 16, 2016




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One of the most asked decor questions that I get is about the chandelier that is in Taylor’s room.  I purchased it over four years ago from Overstock and it’s been out of stock every since 🙁  But, hold the phone because I found it earlier this week!!  And you guys may fall out of your seat when I tell you where I found it, along with her crib, pink leather pouf and her rug!
Wait for it, wait for it………Walmart!!  Yes, you read that right, good ol’ Walmart.com!  I mean, shut the front door…who in the world knew that Walmart.com had such a killer home decor section.
 And you better believe after I saw almost all of Taylor’s entire nursery on their website, I stayed for a while.  And at one point, I swear I had to sniff my coffee for signs of vodka because I couldn’t believe what my eye’s were seeing, nor could I believe the prices! 
 I should also mention that I found Carson’s exact dresser and almost identical yellow lamps, both of which are still in his room today! 
 A few weeks back I mentioned that I either want to do lucite counter stools or lucite dining chairs in our new house.  And Walmart may just have the best lucite selection I’ve seen so far, so now I am even more stumped on which to choose!?!?  Here are some inspiration pictures for both…which one do you guys like best? 
(You can click on the chair or stool to shop them)

And last, because I there were so many gorgeous pieces, here are a few more of my favorites on Walmart.com!!

*Thank you Walmart for partnering on this post. 

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  1. Shut the front door! When did Walmart get such a good home decor section?! That's amazing!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I loved the idea of Lucite furniture , the only downside is the electric shocks I get! when you slide your butt of the chair ! haha funny but true !


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