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Mar 1, 2011




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I know ladies I promised today was going to be interesting and better than yesterdays sad post, but sadly it’s going to be bullet points of things going on in the world of Caycee.

* I am feeling better physically than I ever have in my entire life!
Mentally I am suffering

* I cant wait to build our deck this summer, and see myself and other SAHM moms enjoying it quite a bit 😉
Just got to find a weekend my dad is free so he can help build it

* I love the ladies I see at the gym in the mornings, they make my day
These women are so inspiring and make me want to be a better person.Plus it’s so nice just to be real and talk to other women. Hey I am surrounded by men 😉

* I am having a hard time balancing it all family, girlfriends, gym, playgroups, emails, blogs, date nights. 
Wouldn’t trade any of it for the world, and feel like one blessed women to have all that I have.Just wish I had a little super women in me 😉

* Excited and nervous about summer, and Carson not being in school MMO.
Have decided to have a sitter come once a week for a few hours, and once a week for date night. Other than that it’s going to be me and Carson all day long. Wish me luck 🙂

* Cant wait to have the keratin treatment on my hair Friday
So happy that I may finally have healthy straight hair for once in my life!

* Cant wait for all the dates I have planned with my lady friends this week!
Four dates with four different ladies to be exact, and I am so ready loves!

* So pumped about Aunt Marsh aka one of my bff from high school coming down for the day next week.
I love my friends so much, and it’s makes it that much more special we have been friends 11+ years and still never miss a beat! I always knew these girls would be with me for the long hall!

* Wow I already feel so much better!!!
Thanks for letting  me vent, you blog ladies/friends Rock!

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  1. Lindsay says:

    LOVE this! 🙂

  2. Yay your for enjoying exercise!!

  3. Glad you are back on the blogging scene:) and I feel the same way overwhelmed- thats what girl time is for! Can't wait til our date tomorrow:)


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