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Mar 31, 2017




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First off, I want to say thank you to everyone that sent me messages and wished me well this week. I’ve never been this sick in my entire life, and your kind words meant a lot. 
I know a lot of you were wondering what was wrong with me, so here’s the short story. I woke up Sunday in the mountains, and I wasn’t feeling 100 percent. Once we got in the car to head home I became very nauseated, but I just chalked that up to the fact we were going down winding roads. 
On Sunday night when we got home, Carson and I were both running a fever and had the chills, but his throat hurt while mine didn’t at all. I was also super nauseated and he wasn’t, so I figured we both had something different. 
By Monday morning, I was doubled over in pain, running a pretty high fever and every part of my body was sore. Carson was running a high fever and crying that his throat was hurting him badly. I wanted to be seen by OBGYN with whatever I had, because  I felt like it was something bladder related. 
Todd took Carson up to an urgent care first thing in the morning because his pediatrician couldn’t see him until 3pm. At that point, we found out that he had the flu 🙁 By the time they got back home I was much worse, and we had not heard back from the OBGYN. So then, my super-husband made another trip and dropped me off at Doctor’s Care. 
I knew it would be a long wait since there were 15 people in front of me so I asked him to take Carson home so he could rest, and that I would be fine by myself, but would call him to come get me as I was finishing up. I’m so glad I did because I waited for almost two hours in their waiting room. 
By the time the doctor could see me I could barely move and I knew something serious was going on with my body. After I told him my symptoms, he wanted to do the flu test and get a urine sample from me. The flu test was negative, but he explained that I had a very severe kidney infection. He wanted me to start antibiotics immediately, but unfortunately, by the time we filled the prescription I wasn’t able to keep the antibiotics down. I ended up vomiting the rest of that day and into the night. 
I woke up at five in the morning on Tuesday and I was in so much pain especially in my stomach. Todd called the emergency number for my OBGYN and they suggested that I come in right when the doors opened or to go to the emergency room. I wanted to avoid the emergency room because I didn’t want Taylor and Carson to have to go in there, and I also didn’t want to risk Carson getting any worse. 
Somehow I made until 8:30, but I looked like I was on my death bed, and I’m not exaggerating at all. When I told my OBGYN the symptoms she wanted me have an ultrasound because she said she thought it could be an ovarian cyst. She was right, there was one…but not just one, there were two “very large” (as she described) ovarian cysts and one had ruptured. She said there was a lot of fluid that had leaked out, and along with that, my right ovary was twisted around my left one. 
Now, after dealing with this all week, I’m finally feeling better. Sorry this was so dang long y’all, but I didn’t really know of any other way to explain everything that was going on. Luckily, Carson was feeling MUCH better by Tuesday afternoon, which was a huge relief. There is nothing worse that your child being sick, and you being too sick to cuddle and care for him. But major fist pumps and hugs to Todd who took such great care of us both all week. 
And because I still feel a little loopy, and being creative isn’t happening right now, I thought I would share some of my recent outfits with you guys. I know a lot of you come here just to shop, so sorry if I put you to sleep with all the info 🙂 
Runs tts and I’m wearing the xs. 

Runs tts and a little big in the straps. I may have mine taken up in the back for a better fit. 

Dress runs tts and I’m wearing the xs.

Babydoll Tank (only $39)  // Jeans look for less right here
// Pumps also here // Earrings // Bracelet

Runs a little snug through the chest and waist. For reference, I’m wearing the xs. 
And I had a lot of you via Instagram asked about Taylor’s dresses and her little white clothing rack, so all the details are below. 

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  1. Rebekah says:

    Oh man…I've had a couple of ovarian cysts burst and that pain is unreal! Glad you are feeling better!

  2. Unknown says:

    Oh my goodness girl! That is horrible. I am so glad ya'll are both on the mend. I was actually pregnant in the fall and at my 6 week appointment they noticed a cyst but said it was nothing to worry about that it usually shrinks or desolves but I was worried about it. Then at my 11 week appointment our little babe had grown but there was no heartbeat anymore. I had miscarried about a week before that. They said my cyst had shrunk though which was good news. It still is really hard some days, but I just have to keep praying and trusting in God's plan. Sending hugs your way!

  3. Bonnie says:

    Wow, so glad you are feeling better! That sounds awful. And glad Carson is better too! I like your lifestyle posts just as much as your fashion posts. You are one of my favorite bloggers by the way! xo


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