Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning Favorite Recipes + Get By Tomorrow Gifts

Dec 21, 2021




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 Wow, you guys knocked my socks off with all the amazing recipes and your favorite foods to cook for the holidays!! I did not expect such a huge response, but I am excited to pick with the family tonight (were going to draw out of a hat because we were all undecided) what we will be making for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning!! I am hoping that everyone around this house loves whatever we pick so much that it will become our new holiday tradition!! 

First I’ll start with Christmas Eve Dinner Favorites!! 

Lasagna was shockingly the most popular thing, but it’s one that my entire family loves, so I am not going to mad if we pull this one!! Here were the top two lasagna recipes I received. 

Ina Garten’s Turkey Lasagna 

Homemade Lasagna with Bechamel 

Mexican was the next most cooked dish on Christmas Eve, and again I wouldn’t be disappointed with this one either ha! 

DYING to try these, and I would pair them with this authentic Mexican rice, and that corn casserole below! 

This would pair so well with these smoky bacon candied sweet potatoes. I’ve made these three times now, and y’all they are to die for!! 
As I am sure y’all can imagine beef tenderloin was another one that A LOT of y’all make, and one reader let me know this recipe was amazing!!! 

Shrimp and Grits was another one mentioned quite a bit, and I was just telling Todd the other day I’ve been dying to try and make this. Here’s the recipe that I’ve been looking at making! 

And last a lot of you said you do a festive charcuterie board. I am thinking I may do this one when my in-laws come after Christmas! 

Now moving on along to Christmas morning…breakfast casseroles won by a long SHOT!!! So here are y’alls favorite recipes that y’all sent me for the ones you all love!! 
I can not believe that I have never made this before, but I will be making this for sure Christmas morning thanks to the 25+ people who said it was AMAZING!!! 

A lot of you guys said southern living casseroles, and holy moly there are a lot of them so, I found their top 30 casserole recipes to serve at Christmas!!! 

Tjis is the recipe that I have always used to make sausage balls every year, and it always turns out perfect!! But I am thinking about possibly making a batch of these cheddar bay sausage balls this year!! 
And totally random, but it’s something Todd and I have both been craving, so I thought I would also share that I am making these Pork Chops In Mushroom Gravy!

***And y’all believe it or not I am still placing order for Christmas gifts… and I said that being sarcastic, I do this every year haha!! So Incase y’all are in the same boat I wanted to share a few gifts that I am loving that will arrive tomorrow!!!! 

This is perfect for anyone cooking for one, two, or even three people, and it doesn’t take up much space either!! Also, it has great reviews and it’s under $50! 

I don’t know of any kids who don’t love these… I bought a set for Taylor and Reese!! Then after painting them, they love to go hide them around the island!! 

Not only does this fleece jacket arrive tomorrow, it’s also on major sale for $38!! 

This might be the easiest and best $8 gift I’ve seen yet!!!! I love this type of earrings, and again the reviews are stellar, and they arrive for free by tomorrow!!  

There are very few gifts (from Santa) that Carson doesn’t know about, and I think he’s going to be so excited about this one!! And the reviews are INSANE!!! Plus it’s only $22 and it arrives tomorrow! This is truly the perfect teenage gift you guys!!! 

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