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Feb 4, 2014




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Coming in with some more healthy yet tasty dishes for you! 
Last week I made the stuffed green peppers. I would give them an 8.5 out of 10. But Todd loved them, and the kids ate the rice and sausage out of the peppers. So maybe I should give it a 9.5 😉

One of these yummy dishes is going down in the Hewitt house tonight. Care to guess which one?


In other news I am guest posting today at Pawleys Island Posh. If you don’t know Julia you need to, cause she is pretty much amazing!! Go check it out as I am chatting about fashion and interiors! 

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  1. Keely says:

    I usually have all intensions of cooking "Clean" but afraid everyone else in the house will hate it…Im diggin that Orzo salad! Thanks for the recipes!

  2. BLovedBoston says:

    I love stuffed peppers!! There are so many great combinations you can do with it as well!

  3. Catie says:

    Looks delicious- Random ? When you order shrimp & grits bubbles for Taylor do you order up or true to size? do the bubbles run big, small, or tts? thanks! Little girl will be 12mo in late March so trying to decide on size for summer.

  4. I might have to try those hush puppies!! The others look yum but we are vegetarian. Have you seen the 100 days of Real Food blog? There are a lot of clean eating recipes there as well.

  5. Unknown says:

    I wish I liked green peppers because that looks great, maybe it would work with red!

  6. Andrea says:

    The teriyaki noodle bowl looks amazing! I just wrote a post about eating clean and healthy on a budget. I love finding other people who eat this way too!

  7. Yum I can't wait to make the teriyaki bowl! Looks delish!

  8. Delis! I've got to try that orzo; anything with goat cheese is a winner to me! When you let us know which one you made will you also tell us how long it took you [in real life]? Often recipes say 15 min but they forget the 40 min of prep work! 🙂

  9. Jodi says:

    Thanks for the recipe ideas!

  10. Mmmm…that orzo salad looks incredible!


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