Cleaning Ladies, Baseball, and a Hot Date

Jul 3, 2009




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Thank goodness its Friday! I love Fridays especially every other Friday when my cleaning ladies come! I swear its almost as good as Christmas morning:) Todd keeps telling me that we should only have them come once a month with the economy and all, but I told him I would skip meals if needed to! ha ha! The sad thing is I probably would 🙂 Anyways tonight we are going to a Rivers Dog game with some good friends of ours! The game is sold out, so its going to be crowded! This makes me a little nervous with Carson, but lets keep our fingers crossed that he will do OK! And the hot date is Carson girlfriend Logan! She is going with us to the game! I will let all you know how it goes on Monday! Tomm. is the 4Th of July and we are going to be at the pool all day with a bunch of our neighborhood friends! We will be swimming, grilling out, and of course taking a few naps! (Carson) We plan on taking the pack and play with us, but if that doesn’t work the pool is right down the road so one of us can come home for a little while.

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