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Feb 24, 2015




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This is something that I have written in my head a millions times, but posting it just never seemed quite right, that is, until this past weekend.  Over the weekend, I made a promise to myself, my friends, and my family that I would no longer look at the negative, hurtful, and untrue things written about me on my GOMI thread.  Now let me say, not everything written there is mean and untrue. There have actually been a few on there that say kind things and have even tried to defend me.  I would secretly find myself feeling so relieved when I would see them comment, but it wouldn’t be long before the others would come firing back.  I am not saying I am perfect by any means, heck, I have plenty of issues, but reading the comments daily was really starting to take a toll on me.  I would think to myself, “If they hate me so much, why don’t they just stop reading my blog?”.  What I really needed to do was take the advice that I wanted to give them.  If I couldn’t stand to read the things written about me, then maybe I should stop reading their comments.   
I  understand that I write a public blog and I know with that comes criticism and judgement.  What I can’t understand is the name calling, body snarking, and the degrading comments about me as a wife and a mother.  I have slowly realized that I probably never will understand this, and the thing is, I now realize that I am not sure I truly want to.  As a person, I don’t really want to know anything at all about tearing someone else down, I want to feel that I have built someone else up at the end of the day. 
I would be completely lying to you guys if I told you the things that I read about myself and my family didn’t sting like hell. To be honest, I would get a pit in my stomach every morning as I would go on there to see what had been said, but yet I would still come back to look.  I was trying to convince myself that maybe the criticism would help be become a better blogger, and that maybe I needed to hear what they had to say, but this was not reality.  I never left there feeling inspired, instead, I left feeling down and unworthy.  I would also start questioning things about myself, things about myself that had never even crossed my mind, and I would let these thoughts consume me.  It wasn’t healthy for me or my family.  I know I can’t control what other people say about me, the only thing I can control is how I react to it, or better yet, not react to it.  Sometimes no reaction is the best reaction. 
Life may not be perfect and I know I am certainly not perfect, but I sure as heck have a lot to be happy and thankful for. That being said, these are the things I am going to choose to focus on from now on. 
I know I had a lot of you wondering where that haters quote came from on my Instagram.  The truth is, I probably shouldn’t have posted that.  I’ll admit, it was immature, but it came from a place of hurt and anger.  I really felt like doing this post was something I needed to get off of my chest and to finally close this chapter of negativity in my life. 
I am really excited to focus on all the positive in my life!  As far as this blog, you guys are the ones that make me smile, build me up, and make me love writing my posts each day! 

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  1. So proud of you for writing this and ignoring the mean girls. Always better to take the high road. Stay positive my friend. You have so much to be proud of , you are are an amazing mom and wife and write a killer blog. Haters gonna Hate. LOVE YOU

  2. Unknown says:

    Love these quotes (which are so very true), this post, your blog and you!!

  3. Aja says:

    I can only imagine what it must feel like to read those things about yourself, but anyone who is a public figure of any kind will receive criticism. Additionally, if your blog is your job you'll receive criticism from your customers (readers). I understand personal attacks hurt, but your job is personal- you're sharing (and making money) off of your life as a wife and mother. When you make that public blog fodder, people will have opinions about those areas of your life. It's probably for the best that you ignore GOMI and focus on the blessings in your life. But I am also encouraging you to realize and accept the choice you've made in the situation. If Gisele or Dakota Johnson didn't want the world talking about their bodies, they shouldn't have pursued careers in modeling or acting in 50 Shades of Gray, you know? Similarly, only your real life friends and family would have an opinion about you as a person, wife and mother if you didn't have a public blog. YOU'RE making the choice to be public with your family and life. That choice WILL come with people's criticisms in those areas. That might be mean, but it's largely in your control. Don't share that stuff on your blog, and no one talks about those areas of your life. Of course, you could just ignore GOMI and that works too. There are plenty of actors who don't read reviews. Same thing. But to dismiss all criticism as "haters gonna hate" is immature and unrealistic.

  4. Unknown says:

    Love, love your blog!!!! Keep up the great work! You are awesome!

  5. Kristel says:

    I had no idea this was happening to you, so very sorry to hear that. I still don't understand what people get from being rude and mean, do they not realize how pathetic they look. I agree, if they don't like you, than they can just click unfollow and leave it at that. You definitely don't need that negativity in your life.

  6. Oh Caycee, just rise above this. Whether it's online or real life, there will always be people out there who don't like you and just like you said, how you react to them is up to YOU. I do agree with Aja in that people can only see (and therefore judge) things that we as bloggers put out there.

  7. So sorry you have had to deal with haters. I really just don't get why people want to tear others down…envy, insecurity…I don't know but life is hard enough as it is. We are all doing the best we can as moms, wives, friends the best way we know how. We aren't going to do it this same way but I can respect if someone chooses differently than me that is their choice. If I don't click with someone I don't read it…that simple. You are a beautiful, loving person and I've only been following you briefly but that has been clear to me!

  8. Oops – ipad wouldn't let me finish. 🙂 Anyway I think you should delete this post and keep on doing what you're doing. You have a readership which means you're doing something right. People like you or we wouldn't keep coming back.

  9. Caycee just keep being you and pity those who are jealous! Fab quotes xxx

  10. Rachael B says:

    Caycee, I enjoy reading your blog every morning – thank you for being so open and honest and sharing your life with the world. People who write mean and nasty things about you are able to be bullies only because they are behind their computer screen, I am sure they wouldn't say those things to your face because they are cowards. They are jealous of you and that is why they post those terrible things.

  11. Sorry girl, never nice to read hurtful comments but glad you have decided to ignore the negativity and focus on the positive blessings in your life x

  12. Letra says:

    I really enjoy your blog, Caycee. Keep your head up!

  13. Unknown says:

    It's frustrating that people write mean comments and then hide behind the internet but it really says more about their character than yours. I enjoy your blog and wish you all the best in rising above the haters. Thanks!

  14. I seriously can't even believe that there is something like this out there. People can be so mean and so hurtful. I'm proud of you for making the decisions to stop looking at these hurtful things. There is no room for that in your life. I love reading your blog every morning!

  15. Unknown says:

    Shoot!, I really wish you wouldn't have posted this post. You still have a lot to learn..because…if you truly beleive what you just posted, then, very privately and simply, you would have stopped reading bad comments. I hate when bloggers write these posts. I enjoy your blog, but don't you realize you have just opened a huge wide door for readers to go visit GOMI and read comments about you. I never knew what GOMI was! They are already commenting about this post!! Now it looks like you are just begging for affirmation from your loyal readers and friends, which you don't need. Ugh…true self confidence and the right priorities don't need this kind of attention. You aren't getting it. Good luck. I hope you find what you are looking for, but it needs to come from within, not blog comments..good or bad!

  16. I've been following your blog for a while now (Natalie's too!). I read it everyday when I get to work. You have the most adorable family!

    To be honest, GOMI can be *vicious*. I think many of the posters tell themselves they are offering constructive criticism, but the reality is it's 30% good feedback and 70% plain meanness and rudeness. I think GOMI works in principle – keep positive comments on the actual blog but provide an outlet for negative feedback. I just think it really gets out of control. Also, I've seen you post there and I was really impressed with how gracefully you handled unnecessarily mean comments.

    That said, I second Aja's comment above. You are a public figure, one who has made her personal life her business. There's nothing wrong with wanting a successful business, but with the adoration will come criticism. I don't think it's fair to dismiss every negative comment as "haters gonna hate." So here's some constructive feedback: I appreciate that you have bills to pay, but I wish there were fewer shopping posts and sponsored posts. Sometimes when I read your blog, I get the sense you want to be the "Joneses" and impress everyone/know that people envy your lifestyle. I wish affiliate links were only used for products that you bought and really liked, not just any old thing. I wish your blog were a little less about consumption, I suppose. These are my two cents. Have a good day! 🙂

  17. Bec74 says:

    GOMI is just a site for mean girls to bully people. It makes me insane that people spend their days bashing people due to a difference of opinion . I wonder if these women who post on that site, would publicly stand in a room full of the bloggers they bash, and say everything they write? Would they still be so mean if they didn't have a computer to hide behind? As a mother, as a woman.. As a human , it blows my mind that people thinks this is ok? I've yet to meet a perfect person, I've yet to meet someone I agree with on everything… Doesn't mean I'm right and they are wrong. Just means we are different… And that is what makes the world go round. I don't know about everyone else, but I know I would have a have a hard time looking in the mirror If I spent my day tearing people down.

  18. HeatherM says:

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  19. HeatherM says:

    I saw this quote the other day and it stuck out to me…Hope you will like it too!

    Confidence is not…."they WILL like me"

    Confidence is…"I'll be fine if they DON'T"

  20. HeatherM says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Julie says:

    Good for you girl. I wish GOMI would Gthef*ckOMI! I can't stand them. I was featured in a post on the home page a couple years ago for a post I had on my blog that of course was taken entirely out of context. Seeing 200+ people talk about how horrible I was based off one misconstrued post was devastating. I ultimately let it go, but I really haven't been able to blog the same since. And I guess I'm okay with that. But honestly, I don't know where those people get their news from and you're better off focusing on you! You got this!

  22. Unknown says:

    Agreed with Natalie! Haters gonna hate. Life is too short to let the negativity bring you down. Keep on shining girl!! Xoxo

  23. Stacy says:

    I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now and enjoy it so much.

  24. Keely says:

    Crazy I was just wondering how "You" we're doing today! I'm so sorry you have to deal with people like this that put the things they are bothered about themselves on to you??! Pretty F'd up! What kind of wack-o has time to do this? I don't know you personally, but I truly enjoy your blog and you seem like such a wonderful person!!! You are handling this perfectly! Just please remember when people act out like this it is because these are things the hate about themselves, don't take the BS. This isn't about you, keep your chin up and know you brighten all our days! Sending love from G'ville! Xoxo

  25. caycee says:

    Love you more!!!

  26. caycee says:

    Thank you Kristen!! Your comments always make my day brighter 🙂

  27. caycee says:

    Thank you for your comment Aja. I completely agree with everything that you said. But I can promise you areas of my life that I have never shared have been talked about and snooped around in. But like you said, it comes with the territory. I am just not allowing myself to be apart of it anymore, I think ignoring it is the best decision for me. You are also correct and I would never dismiss all criticism as "haters going to hate". That is why I stated above that not all of it is untrue on that site. Agagin thank you for your comment!

  28. caycee says:

    Thank you Emily! xoxo

  29. caycee says:

    Thank you Kristel! I don't understand it either, and I am no longer going to waste my time trying to figure it out. Happy people are just more fun!

  30. ErinFoiles says:

    I think you are awesome!!

  31. I, personally, LOVE your blog and feel we'd be fast friends if we lived in teh same town! That being said, keep doing what you're doing,, you're doing a fantastic job!! Lots of us love you! HUGS!

  32. Hello says:

    I never comment but read your blog all the time. Please know that there are more people who love your blog and the wonderful person you are and yes, most of them probably are silent readers like myself. You are a good person!!!! Keep a positive heart and continue to spread love though your blog. I'm reading!

  33. Katie says:

    I rarely comment, but wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog daily! Keep doing what you do. It's YOUR blog, and those of us here who are reading (and commenting) are here because we enjoy it. Personally, I think that GOMI site is gross, and everyone who is on there commenting has nothing else better to do with their time (hello–get a job or positive hobby!). Keep up the good work and posts (or what else would I do with my time at work…lol?!)!

  34. Melissa W. says:

    Keep your head up Caycee. Follow your heart bc it is HUGE. You wear it on your shoulders and that makes you unique.

    I have been reading your blog since you started. I would be lying if I didn't say I miss your blog when it had less "shopping" posts and more Caycee posts. You are beautiful and sweet. You shine when you are happy. In that PLEASE STOP reading that website. It will only hurt you more than help you. That is only my opinion.

    I cannot begin to imagine reading mean things about myself or my life as a Mom/wife. I don't have thick skin at all. I would not sleep at night with some of the stuff those GOMI writers publish. I guess "hiding" behind a computer screen makes them happy. So be it. At least you are not hiding your feelings anymore!

    Every morning I look forward to reading your blog, Natalie's blog, and Pawleys Island Posh. Love your blogs. I cannot read a blog only focussed on shopping. You three ladies give a look inside your lives, great recipes, what items you think are great (make-up, candles, etc.), and mommy advice. A nice variety!

    It seems like the most common complaint on GOMI is the "dishonesty about not disclosing your links." I think you should be a smart-ass and disclose to death. Tell them you cannot pay your sitter, have date nights, or buy your tampons without your commission. Baha!!

    Love you girl! #marbleloversforever

  35. Unknown says:

    I don't know you but I LOVE your blog, it's on my rotation every morning (along with Natalie's😊). I had to google GOMI and it is legitimately the lamest thing I've ever seen. It always disgusts me when women tear down other women (usually celebs) over their appearance/weight/clothing/etc… And now we are hiding behind our computers to criticize bloggers too?? Get. A. Life. I'm embarrassed for them. ANYWAY- I just want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to post everyday. You seriously making my mornings brighter!!!

  36. Unknown says:

    People are so lame… clearly very unhappy in their own lives. I love your blog so keep the good content coming! 🙂

  37. The haters are so wrong! Your blog is a lovely, happy place, and people who seek to bring others down are cowards and it breaks my heart to know that they can cause pain and hurt to someone so positive and lovely… you keep doing you mama!

  38. Lindsay says:

    wow. this is my first time hearing about GOMI and i am shocked there is a site out there like this. i only follow 3 blogs – yours, natalie's, and chassity's – and read them every morning … i think i found them all through instagram… but i absolutely love all 3 🙂 i've never really commented but i couldn't not comment on this post. i am shocked there is a site out there just for bashing bloggers. please please please do not let these ladies (or men – i have no clue) get you down. i don't know you personally but you seem so sweet and have a beautiful family. please stay positive and continue doing what your doing and don't let yourself even go to the GOMI website. it is not worth your time and energy and there are so many women out there who truly enjoy your blog! XO – lindsay

  39. Sharon says:

    While I do think that some of comments on GOMI are a tad out of line, I think what they have been trying to convey for a while is that just about every post of yours is filled with affiliate links that are rarely disclosed and of products that you have been asked to sponsor, not because you actually use them. In the last 6 months there is a long list of things that we must buy and or you just bought yourself. I mean you R Styled a water bottle and outdoor lights. Would love to see you blog about things other than Joie tops and Tory Burch flip flops as I loved your style before it was all about consumerism. 🙁

  40. Megan says:

    You can never make everyone happy and if you do please let me in on the secret!! I'm a college student and think that you are AMAZING! You are honest and real, I don't think people could ask for much else! xo

  41. Unknown says:

    Please don't invite that kind of negativity into your life. Some people don't know anything better to do than be hurtful. I admire you for even having a blog, I would love to try it out. Keep doing what makes you and your family happy!!!! Life is too short for people who don't "get it"!!!

  42. Brianna says:

    You have a beautiful life and a beautiful family. And I know I speak for several women when I say thank you for sharing it with us! I love your blog, from the cookies (yum!) to the fashion (drool). Keep your head up and a grateful heart. There will be people looking to tear you down in every aspect of your life, but surround yourself with positivity and don't let it change your core. You have many more admirers than haters. <3
    P.S. Stay off that hate website. It's toxic and no good will come from reading that. Although some may be constructive criticism, it's not worth weeding through the hateful comments.

  43. Amanda Leigh says:

    Ive read your blog for yours and barely comment. but I feel like I need to now. Just to put in how I feel about GOMI
    First, I do love your blog, I love reading about your family and how you manage your life. I am a new mom (3 months!) and I stay at home, and its SO refreshing to have people out there that document their lives, so not that I can compare, but for me to feel "Wow, Im not the only one." I have been able to relate to you in so many ways. Yes, there are posts that make me unrelatable to you ( mostly all the shopping, and expensive stuff) but you do a good job at posting cheap finds too, which I actually love! I love how genuine you are, and how you are being the best mom and wife you can be.
    now on to the GOMI… I have been guilty of reading that site. And I am ashamed that I have. I usually just go on and see if they are writing about any blogs I happen to read. I have read SOME of what they said about yours. The things those people write absolutely blow my mind. They take it way further than criticism about a blog. They make personal attacks. They comment on a woman's body, that aren't even true! You would think, the people behind these computers are freaking 5 foot 10, 100 lbs, super models, with the perfect spending habits, perfect wives, perfect mom, perfect children, perfect jobs, with not a flaw to their name!
    I actually had to stop reading because my heart would hurt for the things these people would say about others… and not just you. They even have a forum about a woman that lost her child, and basically say she isn't mourning the "correct" way. Its horrible.
    Its extremely hard not to want to know what others are saying about you. But you have to remember, these negative comments come from a place of their own insecurities. If I were you, I would just keep being you, love who you are, be thankful for the readers you have, the friends you have, the family you have. You are beautiful and don't let these nobodies take away your happiness.

  44. Laura says:

    I don't even understand why GOMI is a thing! Are there really people out there with so little going on that they have time to read blogs and then sit around discussing them with internet strangers?? And honestly, the whole point is snark not constructive criticism. Stay off GOMI! Moms have enough stress and guilt about not doing it all right without other people piling on.

  45. Unknown says:

    That site is crap. I love your blog and I appreciate how real and honest you are! The fact that people still read your blog and take even more time to post negative comments shows s level of jealousy and immaturity. Keep doing what you're doing Caycee!

  46. rox says:

    Not sure I've ever commented, but I definitely wanted to comment on this post. Girl – don't EVEN let people bring you down. There are people in this world who are just MEAN, and nothing can change that. For people who dislike me, I always think (and say), "Well, they can't hate me more. . ." and it's so true. Let it go. They're not worth it! You have SO MUCH AWESOME in your life (yourself, your precious family, etc.), so focus on THAT.

    My blog is still private (although I have a good many readers), and I've thought of making it public, but it's people like this (the snarky ones) who make me want to keep my life all wrapped up and private. Sad, but true.

    Stay strong. And ALWAYS know you're awesome!

  47. Unknown says:

    I think you rock and I wake up excited to read your blog every AM!

  48. Unknown says:

    Now we will have to see the post tomorrow of you gushing about all the positive comments you received from all your wonderful readers…blah blah blah. Caycee.. This just screams for more attention to yourself, can't you see that? You have a great blog because it's about who you are, simple as that! This idea that you have to share this, wait for all the forced love, and then blog about it tomorrow seems like such a blogger move. Rookie move. You don't need to shout this from the rooftops. Most good people know GOMI is awful.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Really? What you need to know is that everything you see on the net and in real life should be taken with a grain of salt. I read gomi and some of my favorite blogs have come from there. As you mature you will learn that people are not always going to be nice to you, it's life. Put on your big girl panties and get over it. I enjoy your blog and don't judge you. Do I believe everything I read, no! It's the internet! So either continue with what you enjoy or move on….life is too short!

  50. megan says:

    People are always going to talk, girl. Might as well give them something to talk about!

    I know how hurtful it is to read things that people write about you on the Internet. Every time I publish my work, I am secretly a little nervous about what others will say or think. I think that's normal. And if it's not, oh well.

    Love your blog and read it nearly every day. You have more fans than you know!

    As for some of the comments above… yikes. Y'all have too much time on your hands if you're criticizing someone else's blog — come on now! If you don't like how Caycee blogs, stop reading! Start a blog yourself!!

  51. I hate to see this, but well written! It's unfortunate that people are able to judge others so quickly without knowing them. I've been disappointed myself with that lately. I have no desire to read GOMI – actually totally forgot about it. People are hurtful because they usually come from a bad place, I know it's hard but don't let it get to you. You know in your heart you're a great wife, a great mother and you're surrounded with people that adore you and in the end that's all that matters. Not these random names on random websites.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Caycee! I love your blog and read it every day. The top 2 bookmarks on my iPhone are yours and Natalie's blogs. I had never heard of GOMI until I read this post, but curiosity got the better of me, and I checked out some of the things people write about you on there. The most disturbing theme I saw was something called "hate reading." What is that?! So, these people openly admit they hate your blog so much it makes them read it daily? How much sense does that make? Also, they seem to make an awful lot of assumptions about you. The word "assume" gets thrown around a lot. Why do they write these snarky, horrible posts about things they know nothing about – your relationship with your family and in-laws, how much time you spend with your kids, how many hours a day Todd works? They have no idea what they are talking about, and why does it even matter? The entire site is so absurd to me and every post seems so hypocritical. I feel like every criticism they have of you could be turned right around on themselves. They criticize you for being fake, yet they slaughter your posts about your tummy tuck where you post REAL pictures of your surgery updates. I just wanted to comment on here how literally crazy these people seem – they are obsessed with talking about you, yet they supposedly "hate" your blog and everything it represents. I read your blog and follow you on instagram because I love your posts and seeing a glimpse of your life! Please know there are people out there who genuinely love reading your blog and seeing your pictures! And even though people are going to tell you to just "ignore" them, I know that is almost impossible. You can get a million sweet comments, and you will remember them, but all those vicious comments stick, too, even when you know they aren't true! Stay strong and don't let those criticizers change a thing about how you blog!

  53. Alie says:

    I read GOMI once and couldn't believe it existed. It's just a terrible waste of space. I told my sisters what I had read and thought it was a disgusting place. They would never look at something like that. And the main thing I couldn't believe was that they were writing about your blog. I think you are the sweetest and prettiest blogger out there. I saw you took the high road too and thought how strong you must be. You have a great heart and have a much higher self esteem than these people. They are jealous and envious and are mad cause they don't have that. They can't bring a person up cause they don't have any esteem themselves to give from. Keep reading good books on this cause I know it is an ongoing process, but you are already there! Love xoxox

  54. Thank you for posting this. Yesterday, I stopped by to read your post and my heart hurt for you. This morning, I got an anonymous comment on my own blog about how self-absorbed I am after sharing some of my family's big news. I immediately thought of you and your grace in dealing with it. You reminded me that sometimes it's going to happen when we put our lives out there. Thank you.

  55. caycee says:

    Thank you for this reminder 🙂


  56. caycee says:

    Thank you Lisa! xoxo

  57. caycee says:

    Thank you Rachael 🙂 Thanks for checking in every morning! xoxo

  58. caycee says:

    Thank you Letra! xoxo

  59. caycee says:

    Thank you!! All the best to you as well!!!

  60. caycee says:

    Thank you so much Keisha!! You are so right, no room for that!

  61. caycee says:

    BaconBear Thank you for your comment. I am sure I do still have a lot to learn, but I think that's what life is all about! Even if this post would not have been written I can promise you they would still be talking. It may not have been the "right" thing to do, but it's what I felt I needed to do for me, and for closure.

  62. caycee says:

    Thank you so much for your comment and reading my blog! I would never dismiss every negative comment as haters gonna hate, because I agree that's not always the case at all. I really do appreciate your feedback, and I promise you that is not the vibe I try and put off, sorry it comes across that way. thank you agagin for your feedback!! xoxo

  63. caycee says:

    I love this quote Heather, thank you!!

  64. caycee says:

    Thank you Julie!
    I am so so sorry that this happened to you. That's the thing about this site most of it is misconstrued and false! We just have to rise above it and move on! Thank you!!


  65. caycee says:

    Thank you Maddy 😉

  66. caycee says:

    Thank you Stacy mean a lot to hear this!

  67. caycee says:

    Thank you girl!! And I couldn't agree more with everything that you just said 100%!!!

  68. caycee says:

    Right back at ya!! 🙂

  69. caycee says:

    Thank you so much!! xoxo

  70. caycee says:

    Thank you Katie!! And you just made me laugh, thank you 😉

  71. caycee says:

    Oh Melissa you always make me laugh!! I love you girl! Thank you for all of this, that last paragraph has me rolling and that hashtag!!! Marbleforlife

  72. caycee says:

    Thank you Jen!! You just made my afternoon brighter 🙂 xoxo

  73. caycee says:

    Thank you Erica!!!

  74. caycee says:

    Thank you Lindsay!!

  75. caycee says:

    Hi Stacy, thank you for your comment and feedback. You are right, my post do have affiliate links in them, and there is a disclosure on my blog that states this. I would never sponsor something that I don't actually love, or if it's something I wouldn't use. I turn many away for this very reason. I love my water bottle and I adore those cute outdoor lights for real! I am open to any and all ideas from my readers, and I would love to hear if you have some! It really is fun for me to hear from you guys what you like to read about it!



  76. caycee says:

    Thanks Megan!! So fun to hear that a college girl reads my blog!! (insert blushing)

    xoxo Caycee

  77. caycee says:

    Thank you Kim!!! You should start a blog, for the most part it's so much fun and brings me so much joy 🙂 Especially the readers like you!!

  78. caycee says:

    Thank you Brianna!! Your words are so kind, and make me so happy to read!

  79. caycee says:

    I love this so much Amanda!! Thank you for taking the time to write all of this, it was nice to read!! You are way too kind!!



  80. caycee says:

    Thank you Sarah!!!!


  81. caycee says:

    Thank you Lindsey 🙂

  82. caycee says:

    Thank you Megan!! Well said girl!! And your girls are so adorable!!!

  83. caycee says:

    Wow!!! I love this, it was like you were in my head writing what I think all the time. Thank you so much. I finally had to realize that with some people you just can't loose for winning!



  84. caycee says:

    Oh Alie thank you so much girl!! Thank you for your kind words!!



  85. Sharon says:

    I love to see what bloggers are loving at the moment. What I'd like to see more of are things you guys love that you aren't getting any kind of recognition for…I feel like getting a kickback helps you "love" that water bottle and those lights.

  86. caycee says:

    Happy almost Friday girl! That's is awesome I love to look at that stuff too!! But I am being dead serious when I say this, and not trying to be defensive at all. You can link almost any and everything! I promise you if I blog about something it's because I truly love it! I use that water bottle everyday at the gym, and it wasn't comped I payed for it.


  87. I found it accidentally once looking for a blog on Google. It's toxic. I read some of people's comments on another blog and never went on it again. Don't look!! Don't let other people's thoughts and opinions control your life and don't even waste your time and energy responding to their criticism. I love your blog and so many other readers obviously do so just focus on writing your blog for us and for yourself. And, enjoy your wonderful life. 🙂

  88. Wow. I had no clue that site ever existed! I read your blog a lot and really enjoy it. I had to comment on this post because I went through a very similar situation (not blog or GOMI related) and I have to say I think this post was incredibly brave! Some people at my law school set up an anonymous message board to cyber bully / attack me and a few of my friends. I remember the day I found out about it and I felt like everything I knew came crashing down around me. I remember thinking how can they write that about me? Why are they doing this? Honestly, I spent hours crying over it and worrying over everything I did or said, constantly looking around to see who is watching and wondering which one of my classmates could be the culprit behind the latest post. I finally made the same choice you did to stop looking, which was hard at first but necessary for my sanity. I cannot imagine how difficult that site has made your life and I really hope some of those posters see this and take a good look at themselves and their actions and change. Sadly, the mean girls, and bullies, and "haters" don't go away as we grow older, and the internet has somehow given these people a platform and worse anonymity. Sorry about this rambling comment, but this is a subject that touches close to home and I wanted to share with you. It's obvious how much you love blogging and the things you blog about, it shines through your writing and pictures and your reply to comments! I'm so sorry and I hope you stay strong and keep on doing what you are doing, clearly it's working!!

  89. I always say that you seem like the nicest, most genuine person I've never met! Why are people so mean?? Insecurities, maybe?? Whatever it is, it's so uncalled for. You're amazingly wonderful, and I can tell all of that about you just from your blog and your instagram page. Think positive!! XOXO!

  90. I can absolutely relate to your feelings here. I experienced a similar situation and it was causing a lot of pain in my life. I cannot believe such a site exists; it leaves me heartbroken when I think about all the negativity people have in their lives. I don't understand why people cannot just not read something they don't like. Your positivity in this post is absolutely inspiring and I appreciate your honesty. xo

  91. Unknown says:

    I just started reading your blog and I must say you're very brave for being so real and putting everything out there! I know I couldn't do it! I did stumble on to the GOMI site and read some of the comments. I must say that those comments are just down right mean! It's hard for me to understand why anyone would do that!
    Over the years I've learned that women allow jealousy to consume them. Women can't handle it when someone else has what they don't. That means you'll have haters if you're skinny, has a nice house, nice clothes, great kids, amazing husband etc. I've dealt with haters and I do not write a public blog.
    Why is it that women have to tear each other down and not lift each other up?!!!! Life is hard and being a woman is hard work!
    Please remember that God, the creator of heaven and earth loves you! He thinks you're perfect! What comfort is that! Whenever you get knock down by people who has nothing good to say about you, read the bible and meditate on His word about who you are in Christ! I know that's always comforting for me.
    I'm glad you're putting all the negative behind you…that's hard work! Keep on doing what you're doing.

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