Dear Motherhood,

Oct 26, 2011




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I want to start off this letter to you by saying I am over the moon excited about the new babe that will be coming soon. With that being said I am scared, terrified actually! There are going to be a lot of changes, and honestly I don’t do well with change. My husband and worlds greatest dad will be going into an office space come January. It’s is so bittersweet, this whole Husband in an office space. On a positive note he will be able to get more work done, and our babes can be as loud as they want. On a not so positive note he will be gone which = gotta put my big girl panties on and learn to do it all by myself! I know I can do it, but it doesn’t change the fact that it makes me nervous! Also motherhood did I mention Carson has been throwing the worlds most God awful fits lately!! Like the kind where I have to hold him down while daddy fights to put on his shoes. Lord give me super powers to handle this toddler and newborn on my own! Please other mamas tell me you have these thoughts too!
I have a feeling we will be saying goodbye to this mama
 And Hello to this mama!

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  1. you will be great!!! I am home with my 2 children (3 year old autistic and 11 month old) and I was so scared at first. But it's not more then you can handle!! You'll adjust and it will be so natural! Keep in mind by the time the baby is born your son will be that much older! and when the baby is born you have a few months before he or she will be moving around and again your son will be that much older! You'll find you'll have a little helper before you know it!!!

  2. Girl you are gonna be fine I promise!! We can always drink some wine together when we get stressed out and let the kids run wild!

  3. Casey says:

    you will be perfectly fine! having two is such a blessing! on the other hand, it can be chaos, to say the least. just like that picture shows! you will just have to take some time to yourself every once in a while (probably 5 min, if you can;)) and have a little glass of wine at night to wind down with hubby! i remember feeling the exact same way, things fall in to place 🙂 ….. I do want to pull my hair out occasionally though, haha!

  4. Beesmama says:

    I am also pregnant with #2…and nervous! My son seems to be going through the 'terrible twos'…I am really hoping he outgrows it by the time the next little one arrives. I hear you!

  5. Well, you already had your fussy baby so this baby should be laid back and easy….It's not easy but so rewarding:) You can do it!

  6. Nicole-Lynn says:

    You'll do great! You're so blessed!

  7. Lindsay says:

    I am so excited for you guys! Such a sweet post 🙂

  8. Lea Liz says:

    The same thoughts run thru my head at times!!!! But I know I can do it!! I think you will do great though!!! Brody has his moments and throws some major fits as well, I am hoping it is just the age!!

  9. Dina says:

    You are an awesome mom and your little one and little one to be are so lucky to have you! I do understand the whole terrified part husband travels most weeks all week and it's a lot to handle the home front all my myself all day long. It will all work out!


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