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May 22, 2014




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When Eden Pier contacted me one week post-surgery to review swimwear, my answer probably should have been, nah I’ll pass. You know, considering I was severely swollen and had a drainage tube in place.
But luckily for me and you my pain killers and I kindly obliged! I am so glad that I said yes because I truly adore my new suit and headband!! 
Now, for the lucky you part….. one reader will win a $100.00 credit to Eden Pier!! The rest of you can save 20% off your entire order today with the code HWTH20! Not too shabby with this beach weather right? 
(Details on how to enter below).
Plus, check out the “girls” in this one piece!!!! They have these fabulous bra cup inserts that take mom boobs to the next level, needless to say I kinda love them!
* I am still pretty swollen, so no judgement on the middle area*

True story for the below picture…… the beach was pretty crowded this day. I pulled out the camera and told Todd lets snap some quick pictures before I see someone I know. I quickly turned around to walk backwards, you know, so y’all could see the suit. And bam, my leg just went out on me. I fell half way down and caught myself. Needless to say I saw people laughing, so naturally I started laughing and I couldn’t stop! So yes, below is a real ‘I busted it on the beach in front of a ton of people’ while my husband stood in front of me with a big camera!

Now, how to win yourself one of these suits and headbands!! They are priced so well you could actually get a suit, headband, and a coverup!!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the new suit ! I'd love to wear a 2 piece but I'm not in any shape to yet. You look super great 🙂 The beach pictures are great !

  2. Keely says:

    Great suit! This site is awesome btwt! Cute suits that aren't to expensive to wear to the beach and get dirty. Thanks for the info, and cute pictures!

  3. Unknown says:

    So so pretty on you!! I love that "one pieces" have come back in…so jealous of your beach time!

  4. I love the black cross front ballerina top!!

  5. So much fun! My son loves beach days 🙂 I usually wear a 2 piece but the Raven Retro One Piece is really cute!

  6. You look amazing! …and have me wishing I was at the beach, of course.

  7. I love the suit! All of them are cute, but I love the Raven one piece!

  8. I love the suit! All of them are cute, but I love the Raven one piece!

  9. Kristel says:

    I absolutely love your suit, and you look incredible in it!! That move would had totally been me right there, but didn't your incision hurt? Ouch!

  10. You look beautiful and love love your suit ~ Hot mommies in one pieces.. I am down <3

  11. d schmidt says:

    Visited the site and love the CHARCOAL OMBRE TIERED TOP

  12. I like the Bay Breeze Retro One Piece
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