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Mar 10, 2015




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The sun is out and it’s around the time we all start freaking out about getting in our swimsuits!  I usually gain a good ten pounds over the fall and winter, but this year it was thirteen!!  No matter how many times I tell myself I am not going to do that each year it always seems to happen.  I think I am just going to have to accept that, and I’ll just call it my winter coat:)  The good news is I know how to get it off, and once I set my mind to do so, I am all in!  For me, it’s much easier to stayed motivated and consistent when the warmer weather rolls around, but I think that’s the case for most. 
 I’ve had a few requests to share exactly what I do for exercise, so I thought with spring right around the corner, now would be a great time!  Next week I plan to talk about my diet. 
I really started getting back into exercise about two months ago.  When I say back into it, I mean five days a week hitting the gym, no matter what!  Over the last two months I’ve lost twelve pounds, and I’ve almost reached my summer goal weight.  I would still like to get a little more toned, but at the same time, I do feel so much better and more confident now that I’ve been working out and trying to eat clean.
This picture was taken yesterday with my iphone, with no filter….so please be nice 😉 
Before I get started with my workout schedule and what I do, I want to tell you a little bit about the classes I take and how they work.  I don’t want to come across as some crazy girl that pays for five different  classes;)  I pay a monthly fee, and I am able to take any and all group classes that are offered.  There are usually four or five a day that are offered, which are usually yoga, cycle, ultimate workout, and barre.  The gym I go to actually has three different barre instructors that all teach different methods of barre. 
Monday – (Ballet) Barre class for one hour.  I can not tell you guys how much this class has actually helped me.  It has helped with my flexibility, my posture, and most importantly, my mind.  I can tell such a difference mentally and physically since starting this class two months ago.  Normally after barre I do thirty to sixty minutes of cardio.  If time only allows me 30 minutes, I get on the step mill on and put it on level six.  Other times, I do intervals on the treadmill….walk, run, and sprint (usually on incline).  
Tuesday- Weight train with my trainer for thirty minutes.  This is something I will never give up.  I’ve been doing this now for five years, and in my humble opinion, it’s the best.  In the past, I have shared many of the workouts we do on Tuesday train day on the blog, and I am happy to continue doing so if you all would like (my trainer always does a good job of changing things up).  After we train, I do cardio (same as above). 
Wednesday- (Ballet) Barre for one hour.  Cardio for thirty to forty five minutes.  I am usually pretty sore on Wednesdays, so a lot of times I will just walk on an incline. 
Thursday- Weight Train + thirty minutes of cardio. 
Friday- (Bootcamp) Barre for one hour.  This class is no freaking joke…I always leave covered in sweat!  If I have it in me, I will do cardio, but most Fridays I skip the cardio:) 
PS For those of you in Charleston my gym is Chucktown Fitness! They have the best childcare too 🙂

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  1. Jena says:

    You look amazing! I've been working on shedding my winter coat, too. 7 down, 8 to go.

  2. Good job, Caycee! You seriously look ahhmazing! It's also funny/inspirational b/c I just started kicking up my running but before I started I took a bikini selfie. Oh my, it was so so scary! I'm really hoping to use it as motivation! lol

  3. Mell21 says:

    You look amazing! I love all your posts-you do a great job of mixing it up! 🙂

  4. caycee says:

    Aww thank you so much Mell21!!!!! xoxo

  5. Caycee, would you mind sharing the name of your gym? The classes offered sound right up my alley! You look GREAT 🙂

  6. caycee says:

    Thank you Jessica!! No ma'am not at all 🙂 Chucktown Fitness, it's the best 😉


  7. Unknown says:

    you have a great workout routine! i love all the variety and i agree weight training is the best way to get toned! i also love yoga! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  8. Love hearing others workout routines! I just moved not too long ago and also joined Classpass and am still trying to get the hang of my class routine. Have a great week love!

  9. Kimm says:

    You look great!!! And I am scared to death to try barre class!

  10. Beesmama says:

    You look amazing!! I also put on a winter coat EVERY year…7 lbs to go!

  11. Angie says:

    As I told you on IG you figure is perfect!! Hard work pays off 🙂

  12. Kristen says:

    You look fantastic!! And you are so lucky to have that free time to spend in the gym. I am a full-time working mom of two, and I am lucky to get in a 20-minute power walk most days. I'd give my right arm for hour-long barre classes followed by cardio – I'd shed my "winter coat" (love that!) in no time!! 🙂

  13. Unknown says:

    You look awesome & sounds like you're working hard! I've really stepped up my workouts the last few weeks knowing I have to wear a bathing suit on vacation in April. Yes, please share diet- always looking for new ideas!

  14. Yes, please post the weight routines from your trainer!


  15. Courtney K. says:

    Hi Caycee,
    I know you don't read GOMI anymore, but you just don't deserve this!!! So many, many reactions…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. Trying to help…I am new at this!! See comment below. Yuck….

    There is absolutely no reason to post a bikini pic other than for random internet stranger compliments.
    I know she struggles with depression, which she has mentioned on the blog, and I sincerely think that going to a therapist and heavily reducing, if not eliminating, her social media time would probably help her self-esteem issues tremendously.
    It is not normal for an adult woman to post bikini pics on the internet hoping and wishing for strangers to tell her how good she looks. I just do not understand this at all. I don't think I have a terrible body, and I'm quite happy with myself, but under no circumstances can I imagine dressing in my bikini and snapping selfies in my bedroom mirror so that I can post this on the internet. It just does not compute.
    I really do feel bad for Taylor because I can't imagine growing up in this house and not having body issues.

  16. caycee says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. caycee says:

    Hey!! Thank you girl!!

    Oh I knew they would, but it doesn't bother me anymore. It just makes me sad for them that they waste all their precious time "hate reading" someone else's life.What a waste of time, and how pitiful. I surely hope this lady doesn't have children, because I would feel really sad for her children. Wow, if they ever find out what their mommy does in her free time. (writes nasty comments on a hate website, and tears other women apart.)

  18. Hot mama!!! That is an impressive (and seriously motivating!) workout routine! Thank you for sharing!!

  19. caycee says:

    You got it 😉

  20. caycee says:

    Thank you so much!! Vacation in April sounds so fun 🙂 Hope you have a great trip!

  21. caycee says:

    Thank you so much Kristen!!


  22. caycee says:

    Angie you are way too sweet!!! Thank you!

  23. caycee says:

    Thank you so much!!! Haha so glad I am not the only one 😉

  24. caycee says:

    Thank you Kimm!! Oh girl don't be, it so awesome!!!

  25. caycee says:

    Thanks Jillian!! Gosh I wish I liked yoga, maybe I should give it one more try!!

  26. Shirtless Todd has nothing on you, girl!! You look awesome!!! I've been working out intensively 5 days a week for almost a month now with no results… What gives?? What are you eating??

  27. This is disturbing. Why post this on here at all?

  28. Liz says:

    would you be willing to share a food diary too? i know working out is important, but food is usually 70% of the battle and shows the fastest results. Thanks!

  29. caycee says:

    Yes ma'am! I am planning on talking diet next week!!

  30. caycee says:

    Haha you just made me LOL!!! Ha girl you look great!! I am planning on doing a post on what I eat next week!!

  31. Chelsea says:

    What a great schedule.. I wish I had the time to do this.. I need to commit my self to make time 😉 Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  32. You look amazing in your bikini!! The hard work is paying off for sure! I want to try a barre class one day… after I have this baby and when I'm trying to get my body back!

  33. I am so jealous, girl! You look fab!

  34. Veronika says:

    You look great! Kudos to you for being so committed to your routine 🙂

  35. Alicia says:

    Be nice? Are you serious? No one can deny you look awesome……and yes I feel awkward staring. But I am happily married!

  36. You look amazing! Like a strong, confident woman.
    I am hooked on Barre, too. A killer workout that toned the entire body!!

  37. Why post this crap when she said she wasn't reading it anymore?? You are YUCK for posting it. Hope you don't have friends like this.

  38. Taylor says:

    YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE!!! Congrats on all the hard work- it has obviously paid off! I love seeing peoples workouts so thanks for posting this. I just took my first barre class and think I may purchase a month to see if I am capable of doing the group fitness class thing instead of just working out on the treadmill at home 🙂


  39. WOW my friend – you look amazing!! And it takes serious courage to post a pic like that – you can be proud that you did! x

  40. Liz says:

    yay! thanks 🙂

  41. Why in the world would you post this?
    Bless your poor little heart….


  42. You look great! Thanks for sharing your routine!

  43. What an awesome routine, I'm definitely ready to get back into my workout routine as well! Xo, Stephanie

  44. You look AMAZING!!!!!! Wow!!!! I haven't worn a bikini in like 10 years. No joke! If I looked like you do in a bikini, I would run errands in it! 🙂

  45. Anonymous says:

    As others have said, I would love to know your daily diet. What is your calorie goal? (Mine is 1200) I would love to see a post on what you eat and how you control your cravings (we all have them!! Ha!) you look great, by the way! If I looked like you I would be at the pool everyday!


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