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Apr 11, 2013




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So as you all know my baby girl is turning ONE in 3 short weeks. Give me some tissue right now!

I am kinda sentimental when it comes to presents. Especially when it’s for her first birthday. Her daddy has her something really sweet, sentimental and totally a tear jerker. I cant tell you what that is yet, but I will for sure after her party.
So what should I get her?
Here are some ideas I have, but would love to hear yours if you have some.

This girl is a mess………

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  1. Laura says:

    For some reason I can't get your list to load the pictures 🙁 so sorry if some of these are repeats! Here were our favorites:

    Prince Lionheart Ladybug Ride-on-

    Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Home-

    Mega Bloks (Pink)-

    Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Tea Set-

    We still play with the tea set and mega bloks daily at 3.5 and have the larger size ladybug ride-on!

  2. Nat says:

    She is so freakin cute!! I love the perfect first baby and the baby doll!

  3. Julia Ryan says:

    That PPKids stroller will be such a hit! Wells got the jogging stroller version for her first birthday and has been obsessed with it ever since. Love the tea set too, I've had my eyes on that for Wells!

  4. That pram and first baby are too cute for words. I would be way jelly of that tea set. I've always wanted a big girl version!!! She is so stink in precious!

  5. Love the pearl necklace idea, each year adding a couple she wears them for special occasions, graduations, wedding!

  6. Michaela says:

    Awww so cute! Can't believe she's almost 1!


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