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May 25, 2016




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I really feel like I should probably let Todd write this post 🙂  We have been together for eleven years now and I can count on one hand the number of times he has missed the gym during the week.  I guess you could say the gym is Todd’s happy place, and as his wife, I certainly don’t mind that he enjoys working out so much 😉 

And with Father’s Day being less than a month away, I thought it was the perfect time time to round up some gift ideas for a man that likes to workout.  I asked Todd to give me a hand and pick out his favorite top 5 must-haves for the gym.  No surprise here, Nordstrom had all of Todd’s favorites in their workout and outdoor section

One // A good pair of athletic shorts
Todd really likes these Under Armour shorts.  They are super lightweight, and the material is great when you get hot and sweaty. 
While I tell Todd all the time he should probably wear a hat made for the gym, he doesn’t listen.  He just always tosses on this Braves cap that I bought him last year.  Either way, at 4:30am when he heads to the gym a hat is a must. 

Resistance bands and tubes can be used many different ways.  Lots of people actually use these at home for a complete workout, but Todd uses his each morning to stretch out/loosen up his shoulders.  After throwing a ball for so many years, his shoulders seem to be the main thing that gives him any problems as far as aches and pains, so he’s found that using the bands before a workout is a great way to avoid any lingering aches and pains.  I couldn’t find the exact bands that Todd has, but this one is very similar. 

I am happy to take credit for this one.  I ordered my first S’well water bottle last year and every since then Todd and I have been hooked.  When it says it keeps your water cold for 24 hours, there’s no exaggerating at all, it really keeps it ice cold for that long.  Todd prefers the large 25oz bottle because he drinks a ton of water while at the gym and also throughout the day. 
Todd ends the majority of his workouts with sprints, so a good pair of running shoes are so important for his legs and knees.  Our entire family are all Nike lovers, they hold up extremely well and our feet are never sore after a hard workout/run.  Plus, they get an extra thumbs up for making colors that aren’t bright, blinding neon!  These below come in two different colors and they won’t break the bank at $100. 
And for a few more of Todd’s “gym favorites“, you can shop below. 

PS……. Nordstrom just started their mid-year sale today, so make sure you check out all the awesome markdowns!! 
Thank you Nordstrom for partnering on this post. 

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  1. Unknown says:

    I am so impressed by Todd's dedication. Leaving the house at 4:30 in the morning is no joke! What time does he go to bed at night? I hope to get back in the habit of doing at least one pre-work early morning run per week, and that means being up at 4:20 a.k.a. o'dark-thirty. I am going to keep Todd in mind (Totally innocently, I promise!) as my inspiration.


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