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Dec 12, 2014




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ONE // 
Can we talk about how much I adore these trays?!? I also completely adore the two girls (who happen to be two of my dearest friends) that started Jean and Grace Designs Their shop is full of so many amazing things!!  Not only are these two sisters seriously talented, they also have the biggest hearts of anyone I know!! These recipe boxes are so unique and are one of my favorite items in their shop. And how cool are these wooden return address stamps?!!
Oh yeah, and today through the end of the month you can use the code CAYCEEDAY to save 15% off your entire order! 

TWO //
Let the  Christmas parties begin!! Todd and I have a tacky Christmas sweater party on Saturday night! Todd actually offered to pick out our sweaters this year, and I must say, he didn’t do too bad. Walmart for the win again my friends 😉 

Earlier this week on Instagram a few of you asked me to share my roast recipe. I am actually kind of embarrassed that it’s so basic, but I promise you it’s still delicious!! I think the key is making sure it cooks in the crockpot for at least 10 hours or longer if possible. The beef literally melts in your mouth! 
This North Face jacket I ordered came in yesterday and I love it! It’s the perfect weight and I am really loving the slimmer fit. It’s marked down to $63.00 right now which is a total steal! It will be accompanying me today on Carson’s outdoor field trip for sure! 

FIVE // 
This takes a white bedroom to an entirely different level! I think it’s stunning, but my goodness, it’s definitely an ‘I don’t have kids or a dog’ kind of bedroom. Not going to lie though, I could see myself wrapped in those white covers wearing these pajamas all day everyday! 

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  1. Julia Ryan says:

    LOOOOOVE those trays. you can NEVER have enough trays or wicker baskets 🙂

  2. Jillian says:

    those trays are so cute! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  3. Super cute trays!! I love how you styled them all.
    You could be extra tacky with your sweater and glue cotton balls on Santas's beard … 😉

  4. Meredith says:

    love the tray, so cute. Love your outfit, super cute. I love my white bedding and everyone said I was crazy with a toddler and a dog, but I don't care, I LOVE it!

  5. There is just something so perfect and so inviting about white linen – loving those trays too! x


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