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TGIF friends!!!! 
ONE // 
Todd and I took all the kiddos and one of Carson’s buddies to the waterpark yesterday!  Everyone was all smiles the entire time and we truly had the best day ever!!  The lines weren’t long at all and we were able to ride all the big rides over and over.  We took these pictures as we first walked in and they are the only ones we snapped so I was able to tuck my phone away the rest of the time we were there. 

TWO // 
I am planning on making both of these meals at some point this weekend.  I have been scrolling through Pinterest at night when I’m starving and finding some really good recipes 🙂 


This little lady has been doing the best job ever taking care of her two new guinea pigs and I can tell they are finally getting used to their new home! 

FOUR // 

I have been on an Amazon roll these last few weeks and I have been updating my AMAZON STORE FRONT with all kinds of amazing finds!!  So, just in case you guys don’t follow me on there, I thought I would share it here as well.  And always check back because I usually update this site three to four times a day! 

FIVE // 

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