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Oct 17, 2015




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My family and I are no strangers to Freshfield Village, during the summer we spend a lot of Friday night’s out there.  And as you guys already know, we are HUGE fans of the Andell Inn.  That being said, when they invited myself me and some of my favorites bloggers for a night of shopping and champagne drinking, you better believe I was all in 🙂 
It was such a fun day and night!  I loved getting to catch up with some of my blogger friends that I don’t get to see as often.  So, here’s a little recap of how the evening went, and let me warn you, it’s about to be picture overload 😉 
This is how we were greeted…amazing appetizers and champagne flowing. 

Big laughs and smiles with some of our favorite bloggers.  Clearly Natalie just said something hilarious in the picture below 🙂 
(My dress is available here, and it’s only $54.00!)

And even some sweet baby giggles 🙂 Goodness I could just eat this baby up! 
(No Todd, we can not have another!)
 Then, it we set off for lots of shopping and some more champagne!  No really, they had a gorgeous champagne bar set up at every shop! 
 The Resort Shop.  I love every single thing in this store!!
 Cute Annie, looking adorable as always. 

 Busted in the mirror 😉 
Lovely ladies looking flawless. 
Next stop was Lilly Pulitzer.  I am pretty sure I don’t have to tell you guys how much I love this place!! 
My girl Venita looking smokin in this Lilly Layton shift. 

Selfie in this amazing boatneck shift dress
(It’s under $100.00 btw)
Then we did a little more shopping….
And champagne sipping. 
You better believe after all that fun that this mama was ready to dive into her king size bed! 
This may have been some of the best sleep I have ever had, because the beds are a dream, you guys! 
A big big thank you to The Andell Inn for our free stay, all the shops for their amazing hospitality, and Karson Photography for the beautiful photos.  It was such a fun night, and I hope we get to do it again soon 😉 

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