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Jul 20, 2012




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 My house looks like a tornado hit it! I am so not kidding. Dirty clothes on the floor, stinky bottles in the sink, and even some pee pee diapers on the floor! Gross, and I don’t plan to pick it up today either, even more Gross!!
I am beyond obsessed with necklaces!
I currently have 3 of these babies!
pink, black, and turquoise. and i kinda want another.
Taylor will no longer take a bottle from me! the girl only wants to eat from the boob! Don’t get me wrong I love nursing the little biscuit, but dang every two hours is wearing me out!
But she sure is cute 😉
I am in love with this new hummus, it’s insanely delish!!!
 I have had three playgroups this week! Makes being a SAHM so much fun! I love all my mom/girlfriends, they rock! And in a result of playtime this is how found my little man during “rest time”.
Lastly Todd and I have a babysitter Saturday night!
We are going on a date downtown, just not sure where yet?
Any suggestions Charleston girls??
Okay that is all the randomness I have for you today!
Happy Freakin weekend!!!!

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  1. Melissa W. says:

    I will bet you my house is way more dirty than yours! We have an inside cat and "tumbleweeds" are blowing around! My husband is an engineer and has been working until 9pm every night for two weeks (he is in charge of some project Santee Cooper is doing). So, I have been a single mom and dishes, taking trash out, laundry, etc. has been pushed to the side. Feeding and having clean kiddos has been priority! Jealous of date night! Have fun!

  2. Kerr says:

    Cru cafe is one of my favorites!

  3. Christina says:

    can you ask the babysitter to clean your house while the kids are sleeping? do they do that? haha… go to The Macintosh or CYPRESS!!

  4. Dina says:

    La Fourchette-quaint, romantic, and delish!

  5. Try to enjoy it friend, it's such a short season with her!!! (hugs!)


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