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Dec 11, 2010




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Noodle and Boo you have a special place in this mamas heart! There is nothing better than a clean smelling baby! At night after daddy baths and lotions our baby up, my favorite thing is for us to snuggle in his chair, while I sniff his sweet self! I never grow tired of this smell! If you have never put this on your baby you are missing out! A little pricey it may be, but it’s totally worth it to me 🙂

My favorite products from them would have to be the Hair Polish  the Super Soft Lotion and theFrench-milled baby soap they are pure bliss!

So what do you wash and lotion your baby in, or do you even care??

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  1. I think Mustela products are great, they smell good and are great for babies and adults with skin problems! The no rinse stuff is fantastic for a newborn who should not get a bath everyday! Their products are pricey but worth every penny! However, the very best smelling stuff and I mean amazing is products by a company called Fissan! The Italians sure do know how to make a baby/child smell good!
    For my next baby I will not be able to get that company, so I will have to check out the company you wrote about! Thanks!

  2. My guys have really challenging skin so we use Cetaphil cream on them daily. The insides of Thomas' ears get so dry they crack and bleed:( I am currently using this tummy oil on Hartley that I love from Wedella, smelly really great:)

  3. Laura says:

    Ditto Mustela! After I wash my little boy's hair with it I can't stop sniffing!!


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