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Good morning my loves, and happy almost Thanksgiving! I’m going to be signing off tomorrow to enjoy some much needed quality time with my family in DISNEY WORLD!! I will have a post up on Friday with all the best Black Friday Sales, but as you may have noticed, a lot of them have already started! You can find them all in my post here, and I’ll also be updating you guys with any new ones on my seven hour car ride 🙂 Thank goodness I stocked up on some new Disney movies…haha! 

And you guys, I can’t lie, this post was so hard for me to round up. The OCD in me wanted to go through each and every room and pick out all the best organizing products for each space. But let’s be real, that would’ve taken me forever and would’ve been WAY too long to read in one post. 
But it did give me a good idea for after the New Year…would you guys like to see an organizing post on each room in my house?  There are still a few spots and closets that need a little a lot of work, and what better way to hold myself accountable than to promise you guys a post sharing those spaces. Let me know what you guys think? 
Anyway, all that to say, today I rounded up a few of my favorite organizing products that I KNOW any woman would love! Sorry men, I’ll get to y’all later, but us ladies have a lot more stuff junk to put away and organize 🙂 
// Every woman (mama or not) NEEDS this planner in their life. 
// These hangers will change your life and the amount of space you have in your closet. Say goodbye to sweater nipples forever 😉 
// Excuse me PBT, but no one under the age of 30 should have a lacquer beauty organizer this pretty. But I guess I’ll make an exception since they are all on major sale…along with free shipping! 
// I’ve heard wonderful things about this book, and according to the incredible reviews, I’m not the only one! 
// I’m in desperate need for some bra and panty organization over here and this little gadget seems to organize them both…and for cheap! And speaking of bras, after hearing RAVE reviews, I’ve been dying to try out this one and this one. My girls need all the help they can get these days…and that is not a joke. 
// Dying to order a few of these boxes for the open top part of my closet. Not only are they pretty to look at, but they also keep your sweaters nice and neat during the summer months. 
// Prettiest Hamper ever and would also be cute to stuff toys in as well. 
// I have something similar to these under the sink acrylic towers, but mine aren’t near as chic. I’m thinking I may just need to move mine to Todd’s side of the sink and order these for myself! 
// This little gold display box is not only pretty on your dresser, it also has lots of space to store your jewels! 

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