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Dec 4, 2015




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Happy Friday love bugs!!  Sorry this post is a little late today, but the men’s gift guide took a little longer than I anticipated.  Needless to say, I think it’s safe to say I have included something for EVERY MAN this year.  It was actually very helpful for me to make these guides, as I have quite a few men with all different taste that I still have to get Christmas gifts for! 
This is my favorite because this is totally Todd’s style.  I love it when men look comfortable and relaxed, while still looking polished and put together.  You can shop all my favorite classic brands sold at Nordstrom for men right here as well. 
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I am pretty sure this applies to 90% of men right!?!?  If there is one thing all the men in my life have in common it’s definitely the fact that they all love football!  For me personally, whether it’s college or NFL, it doesn’t matter if a game is on or whatever, I might as well be carrying on a conversation with the dog 🙂  And even though this is more for a kid, I think this is the coolest gift I have ever seen.  Carson is getting one for sure. 
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I feel like I can say the word gym freak, because I live with one…ha!  No really, I 100% do.  It’s Todd’s ‘way to release any tension’ so he says.  I can almost count on one hand how many times Todd has skipped or missed the gym in the last 9 years.  Two of the times I can think of off the top of my head would be the birth of Carson and Taylor, but hey, I guess if you’re going to be obsessed with something, your health isn’t a bad thing to obsessed with.  And yes, we still have things like resistant bands and jump ropes in our house 🙂 
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Todd doesn’t get dressed up often, but man, I love it when he does.  I am sure a lot of your husbands dress like this on an everyday basis for work, so I’ve rounded up some affordable and sexy pieces made just for the business man. 
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The Man you just don’t know what to get 
I know we all have that one man (or maybe more) that we just never know what to get!  For me, it’s my dad, so I’ve just started getting him things that I know he needs, but doesn’t ever buy himself.  I mean, every man needs undershirts and socks, and something to assist with a nice clean face isn’t a bad gift to give either 😉 
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And that, my friends, is my complete gift guide for the men.  I hope this helps you find just the right thing you were looking for this year. 
** Thank you Nordstrom for partnering on this post.  All brand selections and opinions are my own. 

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