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Aug 24, 2009




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Well I had a fabulous weekend with the girls!!! (Of course) It was so nice just to sit, drink, chat, sing, and even a little dancing 🙂 I cant not tell you enough how blessed I feel to have such wonderful girlfriends I love them all so much! There is not one thing that I cant tell any of them, and let me say it is so refreshing just to sit back and not even have to think about what flies out of my crazy mouth! I know they will all love me just the same even though I m a little crazy! It is funny I wondered while I was prego if after I had Carson if I would change as a person? I think that in some ways I have, but I am still ME, the same crazy me. It was so funny Saturday night when we went out we were all singing Karaoke like always 🙂 and this sweet lady came up to all of us and said I don’t know if I have ever seen such a close knit group of girls, she said I can just tell by the way yall interact that yall have been friends for along time! She said just make sure after you all get married and have babies you all stay this close. There is not doubt in my mind that we will be 90 years old rocking in chairs at the nursing home still talking crap like we do now ha! I cant believe all my girls are getting married! I could not be more excited for them:) I love you ladies! I will post pics later today!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I teared up when I just read your post. I LOVED every minute about this weekend and love even more how close we all are. We are very lucky to have each other. Love you! 🙂


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