Good things on a Tuesday!!

May 19, 2015




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Happy Tuesday love bugs!! 
// Todd and I drove to Lexington yesterday to meet our new niece!  Oh my goodness, she is an absolute doll baby, and sooo laid back.  We had such a great time visiting, and I am already dreaming about when I can hold her again!!  Is there anything better than a newborn?!? 
And sweet little newborn feet….I die!
And this guy……oh, he would have another one tomorrow.  I am really not sure who loves a baby more, me or Todd.
As you can see, we were in serious conversation here.  Pretty sure I was telling her to watch out for all those crazy boys out there, and how us girls have to stick together 😉 
How sweet is baby Hallie looking at her mommy?! 
 // Holy moly Batman, there are some insanely good markdowns that just happened!! 

As you know, I have this bag and love it!!  The black is also on sale, and it’s 40% off here!! 
// Kate Spade bow bikini!!  This is the best fitting bandeau top I own!  
Speaking of Kate Spade they just started their Private Sale!!! You can shop it here! Make sure you check out the jewelry here!! Most of their studs are marked down to $19.00!!
This bag is by far may favorite, and it also comes in black!! 

Is anyone else Flamingo obsessed like myself!?  How perfect would this sweater be on a cool summer night.  It would also look amazing with these pink shorts
// Speaking of flamingos, my blouse that was so popular last year has returned!! 
(Don’t forget, you can save 20% with the code CAYCEE20)
// For all my avocado lovers, check these out!  Get in my belly now please 🙂 
// Tory Burch just made quite a few markdowns as well! 
Loving this bag and these earrings!! 
// Last, but not least, I have found the angel of nipple covers!!  Haha!  But really, I promise you, for the summer you want these!  They have enough support, they give you a little lift, they don’t move when you sweat, and they are also completely seamless. 

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  1. ok. I think I need that nippies thing. Every summer I struggle with straps and every summer I buy a crappy bra that sucks and I end up needing a card with my dress and in the sweltering Texas heat …. it's just a big fat no.




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