Goodbye 2012……….

Dec 31, 2012




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Caycee Hewitt


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This was quite possibly the best year yet.
Most important we welcomed our sweet baby girl Taylor into our family, and now our family of four feels complete.

This year brought many close friendships old and new and more love than I could have imagined.

Quite frankly I believe 2013 is going to have some work cut out for it to even compete! But hey I’ve always enjoyed some friendly competition! 
Happy New Years Eve sweet friends!!!!

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  1. Heather says:


    Who redesigned your blog…LOVE it!

  2. Awe, thanks for including me in your friends pics! Back at ya girlie! Have a wonderful New Year's and hope to see you soon!!!

  3. Love your face Caycee. Let's get together asap. xoxo happy new year.

  4. Julia Ryan says:

    YAy, I made the montage! Seriously, 2012 rocked my socks off bit I'm happy to let 2013 just be one of those years that slides by. Uneventful in a good way. Unless we get to move to Charleston! Then I'm down with that! Love you mama! Xoxox

  5. Unknown says:

    Your family photos are STUNNING. You are such a beauty, Caycee. And I loved reading your 2013 goals. Yes, I need to get down on the floor and play more, too. Too bad my knees now hurt when I get up!


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