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Jul 11, 2014




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Keeping it short and sweet today because to be honest I am tired. Living off minimal fruit and salad ain’t no joke 😉 Can’t wait to share my complete results from the flush next week! It’s actually been pretty cool to challenge my body and flush all the yucky out. Day two was much easier than day one for sure, and I am actually craving “junk” a lot less than I normally do.
If you missed my afternoon post yesterday go check it out here. It’s all my favorite sale items categorized 🙂  I forgot to post these……aren’t they amazing!!!
My four favorites are still this bagthese shoesthis necklace, and this jacket.
Here are a few pictures from my phone of moments I want to remember. 
On Wednesday night Todd and I took the kids to see the movie Frozen. Freshfeilds was having an outdoor movie night, along with other fun “Frozen” activities for the kids. Both Carson and Taylor were in heaven, I even caught Carson singing along to most of the songs. I mean really, who doesn’t love that movie, especially when it’s outdoors!! 

I came across this picture of Todd and I on the beach. While on vacation one evening, when all the kids were in bed, Todd and I took a beach walk by ourselves. It was a special moment just the two of us. I remember the wind was blowing the perfect breeze and the waves were so beautiful.

Last, I know a few of you said you loved this necklace that I wore here. Well good news, you can save 20% off of it today with the code RAYNE20. I love all of the colors, I may have to pick up the white also.

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  1. Jillian says:

    outdoor movies are so much fun!! have a wonderful weekend! xo jillian – cornflake dreams 

  2. Unknown says:

    Love the pics, You look great in that black and white stripped dress. @fitnessnlifestyle


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