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Dec 29, 2010




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Caycee Hewitt


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I am not quite sure what my obsession is for all white? Could it be because it’s soothing, peaceful, and gorgeous no matter what? Yep I thought so! Do you of you gals love white as much as I do?
PS Mama is getting a NEW computer today, and I could not be more excited!!!

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  1. I do love white. Although I'll tell you I will never do white cabinets again, ever, as long as I live! With 2 boys "helping" me in the kitchen, and my extreme type A needs it really sends me over the edge.. ( For example I have vacuumed everyday this week..) A nice cream, weathered cabinet would be nice? Can't wait to see Carson's room, the boys big boy room is my most favorite room in the house:)

  2. Lili says:

    i think after the glitter and colorful hues of the holidays we all want the serene calmness of pure white! love it!


  3. Love all white! Sadly I am starting to realize with kids white is not a great option. Although I will always have white bed linens! I hope you had a great Christmas, I miss seeing you! Can't wait to show you my new purse I bought with my Christmas money:)

  4. loving the gorg white bedroom (2nd image) I love how streamlined & modern white looks! and it looks great paired with so many colors…black, silver, red, yellow – I could go on and on 🙂

  5. mary says:

    hi Caycee! I Also LOVE all white! Something about it is peaceful and quiet, calm and classic, new and forever! Super cute blog!


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