Happy Love day!!!!

Feb 14, 2013




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I know  a lot of you don’t “love” valentines Day… But I do! Why not? It’s a holiday to celebrate the ones we love, plus it makes just a normal day a more special day! 
You know good ol’ Todd never disappoints.
He came home with a sweet card, a day at the mom spa, and a homemade cd. He looked at me and said, “I hope you don’t think it’s too mushy I made you a cd it’s just hard for me to tell you how I feel sometimes, and these songs do that”. Sweet boy. Love him.
Me and my other Valentine finished up his treats for his class party today. I think he has a crush at school, he wanted to give Miss Macey two Valentines 😉 Lord help me when the real crushes start!
Got any big plans tonight? We are headed with some friends to see Rascal Flatts and have some Mexican and tequila beforehand. I am super pumped, I love a good concert with my man and friends!

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  1. Such a thoughtful gift from your husband! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. I think that Vday boohooer's need to lighten up 🙂

    I'm all about a good holiday that focuses on love and showing it and being silly.

  3. megan says:

    That is so sweet what he said about the cd! 🙂

  4. Unknown says:

    Headed to Rascal Flatts tonight as well! Won tix on the radio yesterday and will get to meet The Band Perry too! Happy Valentine's Day! http://www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  5. Lea Liz says:

    So jealous your going to the Rascal Flatts concert!! Happy Valentines day girl!

  6. Nicole-Lynn says:

    I love that your hubby gave you a CD! So sweet.


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