Hospital Bag Checklist For Mom and Baby + Our Current Birthing Plan

Jan 8, 2020




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Since this is now my THIRD time around  I feel really confident sharing this post on everything you’re going to NEED and some things you’re probably going to want to pack in your hospital bag! My bag has been packed for the past week and it’s sitting in our bedroom floor right by the door, but I have this funny feeling that is may be sitting there at least two more weeks…possibly longer. 
As of right now, I am 38 weeks pregnant, and baby girl is sitting nice and snug as she could be.  We originally had a c-section planned for January 16th at 39 weeks, but after doing a lot of research and talking with several doctors about my desire/goal to have a successful VBAC, we decided to push back that date.  
I am going in today for an ultrasound / appointment to discuss if and when we may be scheduling a new c-section date.  Given that my body has never had the chance to go into true labor on it’s own, and being that it didn’t with Carson and Taylor by 39 weeks, the odds are my body won’t be ready until 40 weeks or after with this baby.  And even though we are all SO ready to meet her and I am beyond uncomfortable, I’ve decided to be patient for once in my life and try to let nature take it’s course. 
All that being said, I know 100% that there is a chance that after all of this I still might have to have a c-section.  Considering the fact that I’m not having any of the complications I had with Carson which caused me to have to have the scheduled c-section in the first place, along with the fact that all the other areas they look at and give you a percentage rate on are very high, I feel like this is my sign to give the VBAC a real try. 
I will keep you all posted on this since I know a lot of you are in the same boat or have mentioned you might be one day and would love to know more about how all this works.  At the end of the day, all that really matters to Todd and I is that we get our baby girl here the healthiest and safest way possible, no matter what direction we end up for her birth. 

For Mom

Jayden B Weekender Duffle Bag – I knew I had to have this bag when I saw the gorgeous pattern, and after seeing the awesome reviews and price tag, it was a no-brainer.  It also comes in a really pretty gray print as well. 

Disposal Postpartum Underwear – For all of you first time mamas that haven’t given birth yet, do yourself a favor and order these right this second!!  They give you a few pair of these in the hospital, but these are much more comfortable, they look much better on, and they are thicker, which is very important after giving birth vaginally or via c-section. 

Seamless Nursing Bras and Seamless Nursing Tanks – Both of these are MUST haves for pregnancy, the hospital, and after.  I cannot tell you guys how excited I was to find not only nursing bras, but also nursing tanks that are GREAT quality and are actually affordable.  I remember one nursing bra cost more than this three pack when I had Carson and Taylor, so thank goodness for Amazon and their affordable dupes, especially when it comes to things like this! 

3-1 Labor/Delivery/Nursing Hospital Gown – I did a lot of online searching and reading reviews before I decided to order this gown, and I’ve gotta tell y’all, I am so happy with it!  It’s not only cute and comfortable, but it’s perfect for before, during, and after baby! 

Mommy and Me Delivery Robe and Matching Baby Gown and Cap – This robe and matching baby gown are by the same brand as above, and just like gown, the quality is so nice and I know baby girl and I will both get a ton of use out of these pieces!  This would definitely make the best gift ever for any mama to be if any of you guys are on the hunt for something. 
Faux Fur Memory Foam Slippers – Best slippers ever and you can’t beat the $19 price tag. And trust me, you are going to want these when you go walking down the hall in the hospital. 

Vintage Style Knit Wool Casual Socks – These socks are so comfortable.  They are perfect to have before and after giving birth.  For some reason, my feet get so cold in the hospital while giving birth.  The last time I only brought two pair with me last time and I wish I had brought three, so this five pack is perfect and the price is so good. 
Velour Jacket and Pant Set – I also ordered these cozy pants and this super cute top to have after the baby as well.  I have a feeling that I’m going to be all about comfort for the first few weeks! 

Lanolin Nipple Cream – If you are planning on nursing, go ahead and get yourself at least two tubes of this stuff.  It’s the best, and the sooner you start to use it, the better off your nipples will be 🙂 

Klorane Dry Shampoo – Make sure you toss some of this in there when you pack up your makeup bag.  I never felt like washing and drying my hair in the hospital, so dry shampoo was a lifesaver! 
Also, a few things you are going to want to pack right before you leave (unless you have duplicates) are your makeup of course, your skincare (I have this travel set packed in my bag), a brush, toothpaste, toothbrush, and soap.  They will have soap there, but I like to have my own because I’m sensitive to certain kinds of soap.  This women’s travel essential kit is genius for all of those things in travel size if you don’t want to worry about gathering all that stuff at the last minute.  I also highly recommend ordering and packing this kit for dad!!  And don’t forget your camera and extra phone chargers.  I just bought this travel pack with two port plug and 6ft cords

For Baby
Coming Home Newborn Kissy Kissy Outfit and Cap –  You can choose any brand or any baby outfit design you like, but I’ve always brought my babies home in Kissy Kissy.  It’s one of the sweetest, softest brands ever for baby, plus, it washes and dries so well. 
Premie Kissy Kissy Outfit – By no means do you have to pack a preemie outfit, but I did both times and was so happy I did.  Both of our babies were 7lbs, but their newborn outfits were still big on them in the hospital, so they both ended up wearing their preemie outfits home. 
Comfy Zip-up Outfit – I picked up several of these from Old Navy a few weeks back.  I love the sweet solid colors and they are super soft inside.  And these are great to have with you in case you or the baby end up having to stay in the hospital a little longer. 
Swaddle Blanket – This is one of those splurge items I have wanted forever, so I decided that since this was the last baby, I had to have this bow swaddle blanket.  I also ordered these more practical ones, and I am totally planning on bringing these to the hospital as well.  And these are great as well, and so easy to use since they are already pre-swaddled and ready! 

Tiny Newborn Baby Socks – These are the sweetest little socks ever and seem like they are sturdy enough to stay on babies tiny little feet. 
Pacifiers – This is total preference, but I like to introduce the paci in the hospital.  We didn’t with Taylor and she never would take one when we got home.  No paci made for very long car rides, and a lot of inconsolable moments while out and about.  Again, pacifiers are total preference, and I am one mommy who loved having the pacifier to sooth. 
Knit Blanket I fell in love with this sweet knit blanket and hat.  I know we will get a lot of use out of both, but if you’re looking for a more affordable option, I also found this one

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