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Feb 3, 2015




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Happy Tuesday my loves!!! 
Ladies, I am so so excited to share with you this really cool, new app (new to me anyway). Maybe I’ve been hiding under a rock if all of you already know about this, but if not, you are in for a treat!! 
We all know how hard it can be to make it to a boutique and actually shop in person. I know I do 90% of my shopping online, but wouldn’t it be so nice to actually be able to chat with someone before you hit the purchase button. You know, to make sure you knew how the item might fit…if it ran big or small, if it were boxy or a slimmer cut, etc, etc. Well, with the House Account App you can do just that! You get the boutique shopping experience without the hassle of actually having to be there. I had my first House Account shopping experience with the lovely girls at Finicky Filly. I’ve actually met them in person, so trust me when I tell you, they are adorable and so stylish! Finicky Filly is overflowing with some of the best brands and amazing new pieces for spring. I am talking Joie, Mara Hoffman, Tory Burch, Vince, Milly, and this is just scratching the surface. Finicky Filly also offers free shipping and returns, which can be a deal breaker for me these days if not offered.
Let me give you all a brief description on how this app works! It really is so fun and so easy! 
How to connect with Finicky Filly on House Account:
1 // In the iTunes App store, search “House Account”, and download the (free) app
2 // Open House Account on your phone and create an account
3 // Search “The Finicky Filly” and click “follow”
By connecting with Finicky Filly you’ll be able to:
1 // View and shop our products on your phone
2 // Chat directly with our associates
3 // Purchase your favorite Finicky Filly items

I tried this app out last week for the first time and I really enjoyed it. I snapped a few pictures to show you guys just how easy it is and also included the beautiful purchases I made through House Account. 

I am pretty much in love with this new Joie blouse. How cute are those bugs?! Can’t wait to wear it with a sweater over it and then later this summer with white jeans! Also, their jewelry collection is amazing! These earrings were only $22.00 and the necklace was $34.00!!

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  1. Love the blouse! I'll have to sign up! Love that store!

  2. Chelsea says:

    I need that app!! I can't wait to try it. The top is so cute

  3. The earrings are REALLY close to the Kendra Scott Danielle's I have. For less than half the price. Great find!


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